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Why You Need to Build an Email List for Your Business

Social Media Channels are Rented Space

Good morning. I wanted to talk to you today about building an email list, how you do it and why it is so important for your business. Okay? Everybody uses social media channels today. You got YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, all these different channels. There’s a ton more out there and you build followers on them, you’ve got people liking your pages and you’re pushing out all your content that your businesses generate out to these followers. Now, the problem with just doing that is that that’s rented space. If Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, changed the rules and now your content isn’t getting the reach. It’s not going out and touching all these people like it used to, you have a reduced amount of traffic that’s coming back and doing business with you.

Use a Lead Magnet to Capture Your Customers Contact Information

So how do you get around that? So what we do is we utilize these channels, these social media channels that we have out there to push people back to our website and use our website as a hub. On our website, we’re actually offering a lead magnet that we are giving away something for free, like a pricing guide or some more information on how you can help them as a business that is very valuable to them and offers a lot of value. They exchange their name and at least their email address. It could be a phone number or could be an address depending on what you’re giving away. The more value, the more you can ask for. You then get that contact information. And now you can contact them directly without your social media channels.

Market to Your Customers with Email

So now we can use an email client like MailChimp, or we could use HubSpot or Active Campaign, there are a number of different platforms that you can use to then market to them on a cadence that’s on your terms. So it could be weekly, could be monthly. It could be daily depending on how you want to market to them. But the biggest thing is you now own their contact information, but you’ve utilized and leveraged the reach that you have on the social media channels in order to get that contact information.

How Social Media Lure Into a Pay to Play Game

So for instance, on Facebook, here’s what happened with Facebook, and this is really the ultimate goal of all these platforms. Initially, to start, they give you a ton of organic reach, so free traffic or a lot of people seeing your content essentially is what I’m trying to say. So you put something out there on your Facebook page, and it used to go out and you get a ton of people that would like it. And they’d like your page. You’d get a lot of different followers on Instagram and even YouTube. YouTube’s kind of actually shifting to where they’re giving you a lot of organic reach right now so more people are shifting to that platform.

So once everybody shifts to a platform, then the goal of that social media channel is to then start charging money. They change the rules and start to charge because everybody’s used to getting that traffic on that channel and they have to pay to keep it.  So on Facebook now, say you used to get a hundred followers or a hundred people seeing your content that you’d post. You may only have two or three now. So you are now only getting 2% to 3% of the organic traffic and people seeing your content for free.

Now, you can boost the post and you can actually reach as many people as you want, but you’re paying to do it. And that’s the whole goal of that channel. And that’s how they make their money.


Leverage Social Media Channels to Build Your Email List

So make sure that you’re utilizing these social media channels, leveraging them to the utmost that you can with your business, but make sure the goal is to drive everybody back to your website, give them a lead magnet, something of value ,let them download it, and capture their information. Now you can market to them on your terms. So I hope that helps. Thanks for your time today. Have a great rest of your day.



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