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Why You Need to Answer Your Customers Questions with Video

Answering Your Customers Questions with Video

So as a small business owner, or if you’re on a sales marketing team for your business you’re working for, and you’re wondering why should I create video to help with that process? To help the sales and marketing processAnd then you go, well now I know and understand why you should create video but what should you create video about, what should you be doing these videos on? 

Building the Know, Like & Trust 

So the first thing is to go back to why do I actually create a video? And the video is so important in building the know, like, and trust with your potential customer or client. When they can see your face and know who you are before you show up and they already know that they can trust you. 

Costs for Service or Product 

Then the actual price becomes a secondary thing of the whole sales process. They already know they want to work with you. Price is a secondary issue and it takes it out of the equation a lot of times all together. 

What Do You Create Your Videos About?  

So now that we understand why we actually create videos, the other side of it is what do you create them about? Go back to your sales team, think about all the sales appointments that you’ve gone on personally and you go, what were the customers’ questions? What did they want to know? And that is what you create videos about. Write down your top 100 questions that your customers had and start answering those questions with a video to show them, and tell them the answers to what their questions are. 

Building Authority in Your Marketplace

If you can do that you will become the authority in your marketplace. In whatever niche you’re in. People will realize that you are the one they can trust and when they go searching on the web, you’re going to pop up. You’re going to be the one that has the answer to their question and guess who gets the phone call initially? You get the phone call and the other guy they may not even know about or they’re only meeting for the first time when they show up at the sales appointment. They’ve already watched 10 of your videos and they already know you so that sales cycle is not only easier, it’s shorter and prices a lot of times, not even an issue. 

What You Need to Do to Build Authority in Your Marketplace 

So to recap you need to:

  1. Start with going back to your sales team and just recapping your appointments that you’ve had. What are your customers’ questions 
  1. Create the videos around those questions. 
  1. Start pushing it out there. Get it on YouTube, your social channels,get it in an audio format to a podcast, get it in text format on your website as well so you’ve got a blog so people can actually read what you have to say.  


Have More Questions? Request a Marketing Consultation 

So if you would like more information, if you have more questions about this, feel free to reach out to us. You can go to our website at buildit.media and you can request a marketing consultation. We’d be happy to reach out to you and see how maybe it will help you. So thank you again for your time and have a great rest of your day. 



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Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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