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What You Have to Do to Maintain Your Leads


Maintain Your Leads from Organic Traffic

Organic website visitors produce some of the best leads you could get for your business. Here, we will discuss what you must do monthly to ensure you maintain those and continue to get value from all the hard work you put into the SEO tactics you’re implementing for your business. Let’s get going.

Value of Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is fantastic. You’re creating content, driving people to it, and educating them. These people will convert because they’re looking for a solution to the problem. You have the opportunity as a business to be that solution. So when we get organic traffic, we want to ensure that we maintain and don’t lose it.

Optimizing Content for SEO

That’s why we optimize every piece of content for SEO: so the search engines pick it up. One of the things you have to do every month is go to your Google Analytics and see what has happened to those organic visitors.

We have this on our monthly checklist for our clients and our company. We look and go, “Okay, these are the organic visits we’re getting this month.” “Okay, this is what we got in the last 30 days.” What happened the month before? What happened 60 days before? What happened 90 days before? What did this look like last year?

Seasonal Business Considerations

You may be a seasonal business that fluctuates depending on when people search for your services. But look at that and compare it because if you see a noticeable drop in traffic that is abnormal to the typical flow of ups and downs, you have to look into it immediately.

In one instance, a client installed a plugin without our knowledge. It ended up changing the website’s permalink structure. Let’s say you have blog posts on there, and you have the post name. It could say “freemansconstruction.com/” and the name of your blog post. Well, this was then implemented, where it had the date and the month and then the name of the post.

So, anywhere they had a backlink or where someone was clicking and going back to this blog post, they were searching on Google, and it was showing up. Then they went back, clicked on it, and got a 404 error. It’s not redirecting — it broke every link on their site. They went from getting about 700 organic visits a month to 25.

Fixing the Issue

So we had to go back to change this. We were able to fix and restore it fast enough for Google to pick it back up, and their organic traffic continued to grow. So, drastic difference, right? If you weren’t checking that and let six months go by or three months or whatever, and you start to see your lead flow go down, you’re like, “What the heck is going on?”

You have to go back, access your Google Analytics, and see what’s going on. How do you fix that? UberSuggest is a great tool. There are other tools out there, but we like to use UberSuggest for this. We run a site audit, which tells us the SEO issues on the website. We start fixing them one after the other.

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Regular Checkups and Backups

You have to check it monthly. You may need to check it even more. Check it every week, every couple of weeks, whatever your capacity allows. But make sure you’re doing that. You don’t want to have a problem.

Always ensure you have daily website backups, especially if you’re actively creating and posting content on your website. Ensure you’re getting everything backed up, and you can restore any version if there is a problem you couldn’t fix.

In Conclusion

Alright, I hope that’s helpful. Check Google Analytics at least once a month and maintain those organic visitors. Request a consultation if you’re getting value and want our help with content marketing, web design, or other services.

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Brian Freeman

Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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