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Website Menu Structure for Businesses with Multiple Divisions

Restructure Your Website When Adding a New Service or Division to Your Business

Today, I want to talk to you guys about how you could take and add a division or service to your company. It’s completely separate from what you’re offering already, but it’s related to your company and how you actually portray that to your customer when they come to your website, so they still know both services are there. A lot of times what you will see, and I’m talking from what we’re actually in the middle of doing right now with our construction company, adding real estate services and also different locations to the business.

Menu Structure for a Single Primary Service

What you will see, initially is when you have that primary service that you offer, say it’s a custom home building or whole house remodels. You will see this is in the menu, the primary menu on the homepage. About services, project gallery, resources, or plans, pricing and then they know how they could request a product consultation button at the top. Okay, that’s perfect, when we offer one service. You can have  backup services too, underneath the service tab, they can click those and go where they want to go.

Create a Bolt-On Business

But what we’re considering doing right now, there is another way to think about this is, think about your company as departments now, or divisions of your company. Now we would add a building division, real estate division, and you can have a land division, or you could have a lending division. 

These are all like we talked about a few weeks ago, about a bolt on business. Something that’s relatable to what you’re already doing in services that you’re outsourcing to somebody else that your customer has to purchase, in order to use your product or service. These are all the divisions that you can add to your company.

Menu Structure for a Multi Service or Division Company

Then you can put that in your top level menu, and then underneath that you can break that down. So then when they click on building they will then go to custom homes. Once you get to custom homes, it’d be like a mega menu that would pop up. It would say pricing, floor plans and locations that you are working in. Then the same thing for ADU’s and remodels, to see the pricing, floor plans and the locations you work in.

Multiple Locations Served Website Structure

If you offer one service, so you’re building custom homes in one city, but not another, you can show them that when they click on the location page, then they have to select what location they’re interested in to get the pricing. If you have multiple locations, they would go to custom home building and then pick your location and then they would go to the correct pricing page at that point. So the same thing goes for real estate services or any other service that you would offer. You can look at your menu and decide how you want to break your company up. Or break it up into divisions, and see if it makes more sense to structure it that way if you’re adding that extra product or service.

Create a Clear One Liner for Your Homepage

The other thought they have is now, you have to make sure that you’re clear with your one liner when they hit your website, you can’t be quite as targeted whenever they hit your homepage. You’d have to say something like, we offer real estate and building solutions, and then you’d say request a consultation. But then when they click on that, the division says your building division or your real estate division, it could be your domain forward slash build, or your domain forward slash real estate. 

Then they hit that page. You can structure that exactly like your homepage, but it would be much more directed with your one-liner telling them exactly what you can do and what solution you can provide them. Then a good clear call to action specific to real estate or specific to building. You can target it on a sub page based on a division of your company.

Website Menu Structure for Businesses with Multiple Divisions or Locations Served

All right. I hope that was helpful and just got your brain to think through maybe how you could structure your website menu when changing, or adding a division or service to your business. It was great talking to you. If you’d like more information, check out our website. Have a great rest of your day.



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Brian Freeman
Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.
Brian Freeman

Brian Freeman

Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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