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Using SEO and Paid Ads to Grow a New Business

How to Use SEO and Paid Ads 

Hey, everybody. Today I am talking to you about SEO for new businesses that are just building websites or have just redone a website and have little traffic coming to that website. What can you expect from the SEO perspective? And what’s the best practice for getting traffic to your website that will help you get some conversions and new deals in the door and close them?

Manually Indexing Your Website

If you have a new website or business, your domain authority will be zero when you start. You’ll appear eventually in search results, but you must ensure that your website’s appropriately indexed and the site maps are submitted. Sometimes you have to go back in, manually submit the pages, and index them to Google Search Console to ensure that Google picks them up. Because a lot of times, it will take a long time if you rely on the site maps. You can speed that process up by doing some manual indexing.

Keyword Research Matters Before Web Launch

However, it would help if you did some excellent keyword research during the website build. You should optimize each page by setting a keyword phrase and adding relevant keywords. If you’re a local business, you will do your local SEO for the cities you’re in. You’ll have location pages, the services that you offer, plus the city locations. So you’re going to go after those keywords, and you’re going to work hard on ranking locally. 

Build a Google Business Profile

Furthermore, you must build your Google business profile and optimize it for those services. For the areas you serve, optimize your keywords for the local cities you want to go for. That will be the easiest thing to do regarding getting an initial starting point and ensuring you have a good foundation for what you’re getting ready to do.

Create SEO-Friendly Content

To further things from the SEO perspective, you must create content. So if you’re not creating content based on the local services you’re providing, it will be a long, slow process. You will not get a ton of traction because of that. And if you don’t get a broad reach, growth does not happen.

Running Paid Ads

Having a good foundation with SEO when you build the site is excellent, but you should also start paying for traffic. That will be different depending on the type of service you offer. 

It takes much more research than selling products if you offer a service with a long sales process, like building custom homes, remodeling, or real estate. The customers study your offer before deciding on their options and what they want to buy. Not to mention, they may also have to plan around their finances. So your approach from a paid ad has to be different.

Short Sales Process Examples

Say, you had a flood in your house, and you need somebody today to come to fix that. A restoration company will do the mitigation work on that property, so you’ll see who can do the job today. 

As another example, you may say: “Hey, I need someone to wash my house windows,” or “I need to have someone detail my car,” or “I want to find a car wash or something.” It only takes a few sales to make that happen. 

Buyer Intent Is Key

“Hey, I want to run some Google ads. I want to get the phone ringing.” Someone has buyer intent immediately and starts getting that traffic into my site instantly. And if you have a good site, it’s going to convert.

Using Facebook for More Web Traffic

The other alternative is to take the longer route. You can go ahead and start running some local awareness ads on Facebook. You can also try retargeting ads, which will come from your content, or drive people to your service pages to show them your website. If I’m creating content weekly, I’d use that to educate them on buying my product or service.

Using Lead Magnets

If I have a long sales process, I would also like to create lead magnets. You can give a lead magnet in a video series, PDF, or both — all for free. It can talk about your pricing, how you sell your home or any other product or service for top dollar, or how to avoid making mistakes when buying a house.

Then I will run ads for people to opt in on that. I will throw out some Facebook ads on that, and if they visit our website, I’ll retarget them. They’ll then see me again, and then they’ll opt-in on that, give me their email address, and then I continue to market to them every week through the content I’m creating weekly. Doing so warms up my leads, and then they will eventually contact me when they’re ready to buy a house or build a home.

Where to Run Paid Ads?

You can do several things through the paid ads, either through Google Ads or Facebook, to speed up that process to get traffic to your site while that SEO is getting steam to move forward. 

How to Gain Website Traction Long-Term

But to get the SEO to have a long-term effect, you need to be creating content for one to two years to make it get some traction and produce leads for you organically. After that, you can continue to create content and keep the thing going. 

By running ads, you can double the traffic to your site by optimizing the ads, doing A/B split testing, using the ones working the best, and then driving traffic to the site.

Final Thoughts

You can have the best of both. If you need more leads and SEO needs to give you more traffic, then you just run more ads that can help you create conversions. Just turn up the juice on those, and you can build and grow more leads and your company.

Of course, you can turn it off if you get too busy, but that’s the power of having paid ads. It can supplement your SEO practices on the front end when you get that site built and get the word out there. That’s an excellent way to shortcut growing your new business. 

Need Help?

If you need help building a website or video marketing for your website, you can request a consultation with us. I hope that helps, and we will talk to you again soon.



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