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Using Content to Drive Traffic to Your Website

How to Boost Website Traffic & Sales with Content

Today we’re going to talk about if you are producing content for your company. If you’re producing a video or a podcast, and you’re using that to market to your customers, we’re going to talk about how you can best set up your workflow to drive traffic back to your website and get more sales by doing that.

Why You Want to Drive Traffic Back to Your Website

Now, before we go into the actual workflow, I want to discuss why we want to drive traffic back to the website. The whole idea is that our website is the hub. We produce all of this content, we put it up in our blog and this is the authority that builds for our service that we’re offering, and we have to make sure that our customers see us as the expert. When they come to our website they are going to be offered something of value, a lead magnet, such as a pricing guide, that they are going to download so you can get their information. The goal is that we can market to them on our terms. So all of our social media efforts are to drive people back to our website towards seeing us as someone who is an expert in our field. So we capture information and then we market to them. That’s the whole idea behind what we’re talking about today, and I’m going to show you the main workflow that we use to get people back to our site.

Step One: Upload a Video to YouTube

The first step in the whole process is to upload a video to YouTube. We’re not going to go live with this yet. So once the video is uploaded to YouTube, we will set it to where it is scheduled to post on a certain timeframe. We will then send the link to Rev.com to get our closed captions that are timed and will go into the YouTube video. You will also get a transcription that will get edited for the blog text.

Step Two: Create a Blog Post

We break the transcription text up into sections and put headers to help people read through it. Then at the very top of the blog post we will embed the YouTube video. You can get a link for the YouTube video prior to it going live. That link gets pasted into the section where your videos are embedded on your blog posts. The blog post will go live right before the video is scheduled to go live.

How to Use Content to Drive Traffic Back to Your Website

When the YouTube video goes live we have a link in the description that pushes the traffic back to your site. The people that watch the YouTube video, will have the option to click on that link to drive them back to our blog post that is on our website. Then because we have the link in there for the video on the blog post, it automatically populates as soon as it goes live on YouTube. So that is one way that you get traffic to come back to your blog page. Below that you can add in other important page links in there as well as your blog link, and then that will push everybody back to your sites, you’re always looking to drag people back to the site.

How to Simplify Your Content Workflow

Now we use a software called Repurpose.io, and Repurpose will take when we start the workflow with YouTube, and we put that description in YouTube, that automatically pushes it out to all our other social channels and publishes, so this link for our blog automatically goes out on all the other social channels and is triggered to do it automatically, which saves a ton of time and it produces that extra traffic.

How to Show Up in Organic Search Results

The other thing that happens is when everybody is looking at your video, you’re driving everybody back to your website, they’re clicking on this YouTube video, it’s getting more views, which then throws it up more in the recommended videos that people are watching on YouTube, and it will show up more organically. Google likes the fact that there’s a lot of traffic coming back to your webpage, the webpage will rank better for SEO. It’s really important to make that happen with your YouTube videos within the
first 48 hours, that you get hits on traffic coming to those videos, and you get a lot of views. You obviously have to craft that video to where you have a good watch time, that makes a big difference as far as people that are watching for a good period of time on the video.

How to Utilize Content to Increase Website Traffic & Sales

That is the basics of how you can use a video or a podcast and convert it to video, and utilize YouTube and your blog post in all your social media channels to drive that traffic back to your website, your hub. Then make sure on the blog post that you have something of value on there, your lead magnet that they can download. So something that’s related to what you’re talking about, make sure that lead magnet is there, and you’ll see a lot more conversions and people getting added to your email list which you can then start emailing and marketing to them. I hope that was helpful. Thanks for hanging out with us today, we appreciate all your time. If you need more information or have any questions please make sure to schedule a marketing consultation.



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