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Use Keywords in YouTube Comments to Pull Up in Google Search


Using Keywords in YouTube Comments

Hey, everybody. Today, we are talking about how to use keywords when responding to YouTube comments to get your business to appear in a Google search. This way, you can get found and gain more customers. So, let’s get started.

All right, I want to show you guys how you can leverage YouTube comments to show up in Google searches. This is good information if:

  • You’re a content creator for your company.
  • Someone else in your company is creating content, and you’re putting it on YouTube.
  • You want to optimize the video to get found on YouTube for your product or service or whatever business you’re in.

How to Pull Up in a Google Search

Whenever someone searches on Google, they will put in a search query. When that Google search query goes in, we see that the comments left in the ones you’re replying to have keywords. More importantly, they’re pulling up to the top. It’s causing Google to suggest videos to you. Let me show you this right here.

This is a search query: “Should you caulk the bats on Hardie board sidings?” This is a blog that I did with a piece of video content that we created for our construction company. We shot this out on a job site.

There’s a comment down here. “Should you caulk the batts on a Hardie board siding?” You come down here this way: YouTube > Real Property Show > 1.8K views > seven months ago > Hardie Board and Batten Siding Installation > YouTube.

The comment from Chelsey Giglio goes: “Are you supposed to caulk all of the batts?” This is the comment on the backend of the Real Property Show’s YouTube channel five days ago. I have yet to respond to this, but I will.

But let me show you one other thing that’s happening here. This section is the actual blog post. This blog at freemansconstruction.com is called Hardie Board and Batten Siding Installation. This is also pulling up, optimized to pull for this Hardie Board and Batten Siding. It’s a YouTube video embedded on the blog, and then we’ve done a transcription below that we’ve optimized for the keywords we want to rank for.

What Happened in the YouTube Comments?

We just saw with the YouTube comments that that person just submitted a comment to me, and I haven’t even responded. Google is throwing those keywords up to the top, and they’re suggesting this video and the blog post on the first page of Google. This is incognito mode, meaning it’s not based on my search queries or what I’ve searched for. If it’s somebody else’s to look at it and search for it, it’s showing up.

Let’s say we got the channel comments here, and I respond to this. What would I want to say on this? I’d go, “Yes, you can. It makes for a better paint job.” You don’t necessarily have to. The manufacturer doesn’t require it, but if you’re in this location, say Ramona, California or wherever you may be, add a location keyword. Get the keyword of the blog that they’re ranked for.

If it has to be Hardie installation or board and batten siding installation contractor, get that in there. If you’re a custom home builder and this blog and this video were built around promoting a custom home-building company, bring that in there.

So, when I reply, it’s going to have that information. I’m going to type that reply right here and get that out. That will help this pull up in a Google search and make that comment rank.

YouTube Shorts

The other thing you can do here is, respond with Shorts, and get a video out there. They’re working very well. People are responding to them, and I’ve seen much growth on the YouTube channel.

To Recap

Respond to people with keyword-rich comments on YouTube in the backend and engage with the customers. Ensure you’re strategic about it and that it fits your optimized video. Everything’s going back in, and you can build that content around whatever you want to rank for your company, product, service, location, etc.

If you want more info on how to grow your business with YouTube, watch more videos here on our channel. We have a bunch of information on optimizing your business with YouTube to kill it with less than 500 subscribers. You can do it in a local market — it’s easy.

Thanks for reading. If you need help building a website or marketing plan for your business contact us!

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Brian Freeman

Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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