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Use Google Business Profile to Index Pages on a New Website


Do you need help getting your new website pages indexed on Google? Are you facing issues with indexing new pages on an existing site? Today, I’ll walk you through using Google Business Profile to index pages on your new website.

Identify Non-Indexed Pages

First, determine if your page is indexed. Copy the page’s URL and check its status on Google Search Console. If it’s not indexed, you’ll see a notification stating, “URL is not on Google.”

Utilizing Google Business Profile

Access the Google Business Profile Manager through your Gmail account linked to your business. Navigate to the updates section and create a new post. This post should include a concise description of your page, relevant keywords, and, importantly, a link to the non-indexed page.

Crafting the Update

Add a brief description and photos in the Google Business Profile update. Include a call-to-action button like “Learn More” or “Book Now.” For instance, if you’re promoting a real estate page in Boise, Idaho, mention that in your description and link it directly to your location page.

Monitoring and Re-submitting

After posting the update, wait a few days, then recheck the page’s indexing status in Google Search Console. If it’s still not indexed, request indexing directly through the console. This involves testing whether the live URL can be indexed and submitting it to Google’s priority crawl queue.

Need Help With Optimizing Your New Website?

To recap, the process involves the initial identification of non-indexed pages. Then, you can leverage Google Business Profile for visibility and recheck and request indexing via Google Search Console. Typically, Google recognizes and indexes the page within a few days post-submission.

Remember, practical keyword usage in your Google Business Profile updates is crucial. This approach ensures your pages gain the visibility they deserve.

If you found this guide helpful, check out our other blogs about optimizing your Google My Business profile and different strategies to enhance your small business marketing. If you need web design and video marketing in Boise, Idaho, feel free to request a consultation with us.

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