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Two Amazing Productivity Tools for Your Business

Slack and Asana: Best Productivity Tools

Hey everybody. Today, we will discuss two excellent productivity tools that we use for our marketing agency and a construction company. We’ve been super happy since we’ve implemented these tools. We’ll also discuss how we’ve used these tools and show you some significant benefits in productivity, team collaboration, and project management.

Additionally, we’ll look at how you can document all your processes and create playbooks for every division in your company, which can be used to train new employees. We’ve found these tools incredibly effective, and after trying various software, these stand out.

The tools we’ll discuss today are Slack and Asana. These are two different software solutions that you’ll pay for separately.

Forget Emails for Internal Communication

One of the most important things to do is to stop using email for internal communication. Initially, this change can be painful as everyone is used to firing off emails and CC-ing everyone. However, with tools like Slack and Asana, you can use features such as audio messaging in Slack to send direct messages, group messages, or channel messages.

Slack Features

In Slack, you can divide your company into different channels for various jobs or projects. This lets you communicate directly with the people involved and tag them in messages. The audio feature in Slack also includes automatic transcription, saving time on typing.

Personally, I hate typing and find that communicating via audio is much more efficient. Slack also allows for video screen sharing, where you can record your screen, demonstrate actions, and send it to your team, creating a visual roadmap.

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Asana Features

Asana, on the other hand, is a project management tool. While Slack focuses on communication, Asana helps you manage tasks and projects. You can create tasks, assign stakeholders, set deadlines, and track progress.

It also allows video recording linked with tasks, providing clear instructions and enabling effective project management. You can upload files and documents to tasks and ensure everything is organized and tracked.

Slack-Asana Integration for Your Business

Integrating Slack and Asana is beneficial. You can create tasks in Asana directly from Slack messages, linking the two tools seamlessly. This integration helps maintain efficient workflows and ensures no task is overlooked.

Building playbooks and documenting processes is crucial for business growth. Whenever team members ask questions about processes, it’s essential to document these procedures through video and audio recordings. These recordings can then be added to your playbooks, stored on Google Drive or Dropbox, and linked to the relevant sections in the playbook. This ensures that all processes are well-documented and easily accessible.

Both Slack and Asana offer affordable pricing plans. Asana’s starter plan is $11 per person annually or $13.49 monthly, while Slack’s business plan is $15 per person monthly or $12.50 annually. Investing in these tools is worth it for the time saved and the efficiency gained in organizing projects and schedules.

In Summary

These tools have been game-changers for our company regarding communication, tracking tasks, and improving overall efficiency. Remember to document your systems and processes to keep your business running smoothly even when you’re not there.

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