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Tips on How to Set Up Pricing Guides as Lead Magnets

How to Set Up a Pricing Guide as a Lead Magnet for Your Boise Business

Hey, everyone. Today I want to talk to you about some tips on how to set up a pricing guide when you’re using it as a lead magnet for your business. So we built out a number of these lead magnets for our construction company, and they’ve done very well at collecting emails and we’ve been able to promote them. The organic traffic comes through our website, we’re able to gather a lot of contact info from people that see the value in these and are actually downloading them.

Tip #1: Keep in Mind Costs Change Yearly for Products & Services

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that these pricing guides change, especially in the construction world that we have been in. With 2020, 2021, the prices have gone crazy, so there’s been price increases almost every single month. But in a typical year, you’re updating these pricing guides once a year for your business, or maybe it’s twice a year or so to stay on top of what’s changing and to give people a good general idea of what your product costs.

Tip #2: How to Format the URL for Your Lead Magnet Landing Page

The first thing you will want to consider is the URL for the landing page for this lead magnet. When you build out this URL, you want to make sure that it does not have the year in it. The reason behind this is that we’re going to update this page later next year, and we want to maintain and keep the same page so it has page authority. It’ll rank better if we can update this page instead of creating the page again for the next year. Say it’s a custom home building cost guide or it’s remodeling costs for your city, you want to make sure that you just don’t put the year in there, okay?

Tip #3: How to Design the Book Cover for Your Lead Magnet Download

Another consideration is when you’re making the actual cover that looks like a 3D cover of a book, that always looks really nice and helps you get downloads, make sure to not put the year on that unless you want to redo a book cover every single year and update that, which you can. It’s more relevant. People will go, “Oh, it’s more relevant to this year.” They feel that the pricing will be more updated, then you may get some more downloads because of that, but be prepared to actually go back and have to update all of your lead magnet covers once a year.

Tip #4: How to Format Your Blog Post or Landing Page for Your Lead Magnet Download

The next thing is you want to make sure your title for the blog post or your landing page is going to have the information in it. Say this as a Custom Home Building Cost Guide for San Diego County or it could be for your city, and then have the year in it. The blog post or landing page title will be an H1 tag. So make sure that you have the year in that title of the blog post or the title on the page. So that way, someone sees that that’s relevant. 

Now every year, when you go to update this page, you want to make sure you change that to match the year. So just change, say it’s 2021 and all of a sudden it’s 2022. Update that to 2022, and then go into your page that you have your blog posts, update that to all the pricing information that you have on that page to the current pricing today, make any other little tweaks and adjustments.

Tip #5: Capitalize on Page Authority for Your Lead Magnet Download

The cool thing will be that you have the page authority that has been built with these search engines over that last year, maybe two years or three years ,or whenever you put that blog post up or page up on your website. You will rank better, continue to rank better and still be relevant content for people that are searching. You’ll increase the downloads of your lead magnet, and you’ll get a lot more organic traffic hitting those pages.

How We Can Help Your Boise Business

Those are just some tips that you can use that can help you to actually reuse content that’s working and make sure you have more organic traffic, more leads and be able to eventually convert more sales because of it. All right, I hope that helps you all. Have a great rest of your day. If you would like more information, review our website or submit a request for a marketing consultation to see how we can help you there with a marketing strategy for your business. Have a great rest of your day.



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