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The Steps…Tell Your Customer What They Need to Do Next

Sales Process You Want Your Customer to Take

All right. Today we’re going to cover a section of our website that is designed to help your customer, your ideal client, to know the exact steps that you want them to take in order to start working with you. A lot of times you’ll see this section is called the How to Work With Us, or The Plan, or The Process. There are a number of different things you can call it but, the idea of this section on your site is to tell the customer, in a very simple way, what the steps are to do business with you. The goal is to simplify a complex sales process of, say, building a custom home or remodeling a home.  This kind of sales process is typically a multiple-step process. It could be 5 to 10 steps, depending on how your company actually has their sales process set up.

Simplify a Complex Sales Process

You have to get clear on what the first step will be. The customer needs to know “What do you want me to do first?” What’s the first thing you want me to do?” Is that schedule a project consultation? Is that calling us? That is what you need your first step to be. Then in the second step you will tell them, “We will meet with you at your project or at our office.” And then the third step would be, “We get you a price and we start your project.” So we’ve completely simplified this process down to 3 total steps.

Primary Call to Action | The Most Important Step

The most important thing about this is the first step needs to be your Call To Action that is below these steps on your website. If we have step one, step two, step three, and maybe even a step four, we’ve got to make sure that right underneath the steps we have a clear Call To Action button that’s on our website that is step one. That step one should be, “Call us, start a project, or request a consultation.” Make sure that that is what the Call To Action button says right underneath the steps. That’s going to be the first step they take. Once they take the first step and contact you can explain to them in more detail about any steps in the sales process that are in between step one, step two, step three, step four, and how the sales process works.

You can also have another page on your website that could go into the entire sales process in more detail and break these steps apart. But the primary goal is to make sure it’s clear what the very first step is that they have to take to work with your company?

How to Work With Us Page Format Example

On the homepage of our residential construction company we call this section the “How to Work With Us” section. We have step one, step two, step three, and then we have a Call To Action at the bottom. Step one is “Request a Project consultation Online or by Phone”. Step two, “We Will Meet With You at Your Home or Building Site”. Step three is “Establish a Budget for the Project and Start Drawing Plans”. Step one is “Request a Project Consultation” and that is our Call To Action. We have a very clear Call To Action button below the 3 steps requesting a project consultation.

When the customer goes to the “Request a Project Consultation” page, it gives them an opportunity to watch a video that describes the projects that we do and do not do, and then it also tells them that they can request a project consultation online, or they can call us directly from there. They have a form to fill out there to request online along with our phone number. 

Remember we are taking a very complex multi step process that has a number of different steps to get to a design agreement, then eventually to a building agreement and finally where we actually build a home, and we break it down and simplify it. Again, the most important part of this is that step one is going to be your primary “Call To Action”, and making sure that you position the CTA right below your steps so your customer knows what you want them to do first.

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If you’d like more info on our 10-step framework that we use to build websites for small businesses, feel free to download it here on our website. Thanks for your time today, and have a great rest of your day.



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