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Shorten the Sales Cycle by Creating the Right Content

How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle for Your Boise Business by Creating the Right Content

Hey, everyone. Hey, if you’re a custom home builder or remodeler, or you’re another local business that has a very long sales cycle from the time that initial lead comes in to when that actual sale happens and you get a contract signed and you start building out a project for your client, I want to talk you about how you can shorten that sales cycle.

Step 1: Focus on Your Niche in Your City

A few weeks back or months back, we talked about how you can actually take and target specific cities and how you can build content to do that. We talked about how you will focus on your niche in that city. So, if you’re a remodeler and you’re looking to work in an actual neighborhood within a city, how you can build content is by answering questions that are very, very specific to that area through video content. Then you put your video on your website through your blog making sure that’s available to people that are searching, so you are top of the research results when people are searching for that particular question that they have, and you’re able to answer that for them. So, we talked about how to do that. That’s where you will start.  We’re going to be working in this area, a very niche area, as far as location, and also type of work that we’re doing. If we’re building custom homes or remodeling, we’re going to be doing it in that town.

What Initial Questions Are Your Clients Searching For?

Now, the next thing you have to think about is, you think about, “Okay. Well, what is the psychology in your client’s mind that’s coming to you to want to do work. So, how would you start the process of searching to find someone to build your home, or to do a remodel on your project for you? So, you would probably start like, “Well, best home builders in this area,” or you’d start with, “What’s the cost to actually build in this area?” Or, “What are some great ideas that I can design my kitchen with?” So, you’re starting with some of these initial questions that are really at the top of the funnel, so that these are the initial starting questions that people ask before they’re ready to buy.

Sales Funnel Questions for Your Boise Business

Sometimes the timeframe is a year upto three years. It can be a long time before these people are actually ready, sign a contract, and do the work. They’re just doing research on the very front end. So, if you’re answering the questions that are top-of-funnel, you’re going to be getting leads that have a lot longer sales cycles. They’re going to take time to nurture them and convert to a lead. If you can start thinking more like the guy that’s ready to buy or do a remodel right now, the person that wants to buy land and build a house, start answering those questions. So, what do those look like? It can be, “Best draftsman to draw my plans.” They’re looking for, “What are the setbacks on my property so I can plan out and build the ADU, in Boise? How long does it take to get permits to build this home, or to do this remodel?” Very bottom-of-funnel questions, questions that are being asked right before they’re ready to roll, to pick a contractor to actually build their project or someone to do the work they need done.

Shortening the Sales Cycle for Your Business

So, you want to first target an area, a very specific area, city, town, neighborhood, and get focused on the type of work that you do. And then, look at the bottom-of-the-funnel questions and start answering those, so you can actually get the sales cycle shortened, so the leads that come in are hotter, and then you can convert them. It’s a great way to do it. It’s very strategic and helps you to get work faster and increase your sales. So, focus on the bottom-of-funnel questions, answer them, and it will help you, big time.

Website & Marketing Services in Boise, Idaho

I hope that helps. If you’d like more information on how we can help you with a website or a marketing strategy getting implemented in your company, feel free to reach out to us at our website buildit.media. Again, that’s buildit.media. Thanks for your time, today, and have a great rest of your day.



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