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Video Marketing

Capturing the essence of your work with compelling video content that tells your story and attracts clients

What is Video marketing?

Video marketing uses video content to promote and market your services, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers, and reach your audience with a new medium. In the case of small businesses, video marketing can showcase projects, testimonials, or unique selling points. That’s what’s making it a powerful tool to visually engage potential clients and build trust.

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Do you find it challenging to demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of your services in a way that captures potential clients’ attention?

After working with custom home builders, remodelers, realtors, naturopathic doctors, and other small businesses, we know video marketing solutions produce engaging and informative videos that showcase your work. We will highlight customer testimonials and effectively communicate your value proposition. We cater to small businesses in the Boise, Idaho, metro area & many other cities.

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As we provide your video marketing needs, we offer the following benefits:

Emotional Engagement

Videos can evoke emotions and create a personal connection with viewers, making your brand more relatable and appealing.

Higher Information Retention

People tend to remember visual content better, meaning your message is more likely to stick with potential clients.

Versatile Content Use

Video content can be repurposed across various platforms, maximizing your marketing investment.

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Some of our clients have shared their experience while working with BuildIt Media. Read their testimonials here.

Silvia Christensen
Silvia Christensen
I am beyond thrilled and honored to recommend with 100% confidence Build It Media! Brian and his team are top-notch experts at their craft. Seamlessly, they created a new website that integrates all the platforms important to a real estate agent like myself and worked tirelessly to make sure that everything was working as it should. If you’re looking for a way to level up your business through high level SEO marketing, look up Build It Media. Their one stop shop approach to all your marketing endeavors are sure to impress.
Walker Cabinet Refinishing
Walker Cabinet Refinishing
I'm so thankful we found Brian and his team at BuildIt Media! After many years of trying to build and manage a website on our own, we knew we needed a local website builder to optimize, and re-build our site. From day one it was all hands on deck from Brian and his team. The knowledge and professionalism they brought to the table was refreshing. They went above and beyond for us on this project. Not only did they build us a beautiful website but they also set up the backend for online success. We've already seen a huge increase in online traffic since re-launching the website!
David Reyes
David Reyes
Brian and his team are excellent. Responsive and attentive to detail and cost. I highly recommend them.
Mike Evenson
Mike Evenson
Brian and his team at BuildIt Media made the impossible possible for us (Wild Courage). We had the idea and a vision but very limited knowledge of how to present those things to todays world. BuildIt Media came in with the insight, understanding and wisdom we needed to launch an amazing website that far exceeded our expectations. Thanks to Brian and team, we are on our way! I would very highly recommend them to any organization looking to build or remodel their website or marketing. Mike Evenson Wild Courage
Anessa Peterson
Anessa Peterson
BuildIt Media has been a pleasure to work with. They communicate clearly, are professional and prepared to work. I highly recommend working with the knowledgeable team at BuildIt Media.

How to Use Video for Marketing Purposes

Step #1

Request a Marketing Consultation and Website Audit

Step #2

Meet with us to review your Website and Current Marketing Plan

Step #3

Build a Powerful New Website and Marketing Plan that Works


Secure your Online presence

This 8-Step guide comes with 3 video series that will help you do just that. Learn how to attract clients for free, establish an edge over your competition, and get maximum exposure on Google and other search engines.


Yes, it’s highly effective for engaging audiences, increasing brand awareness, and improving conversion rates due to its visual and dynamic nature.

Success in video marketing comes from creating engaging, informative content that resonates with viewers, has clear messaging, and aligns with the brand’s goals. 

It’s trending due to the high engagement rates, preference for video content over text by consumers, and its effectiveness in storytelling and message delivery.

Social media amplifies video marketing by providing platforms for wide distribution, enabling viral sharing, and increasing audience engagement.

Consider hiring a professional video marketing agency or using online platforms and tools that guide you through the process, offering templates and tutorials. If you hire BuildIt Media, we can take your raw video clips and turn them into audience-engaging content. Request a consultation with us today if you’re interested.


We have a podcast called The BuildIt Media Show, where we help small businesses figure out how to secure a position of strength and authority in their niche. Learn real-world tactics that will take your local business to the next level now.


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