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Posting to Google my Business

Optimize Your Google My Business Page

All right. So today we’re going to talk about posting to Google My Business. If you’re a local business and you offer a service and you want to get found when someone’s searching for that service, this is really important. So once you get your Google My Business profile set up and you have it optimized where you’ve gone in and you added your logo, you’ve added images for your company, added your website address, added your phone number, and all your citations are right. You’re going to then start focusing on adding your services to GMB. You want to make sure you’re adding your product or services that you offer and pricing so people can see that.  Once that is done then you’ll want to actually start posting to Google My Business every week, at least, and multiple times per week, if you have the capacity to do that.

How to Post Videos on Google My Business

The posting activity that you have on the GMB platform is going to trigger you to show up higher in the search engines whenever someone’s doing a Google search for your services. When you post to Google My Business, you have to make sure that all video content is compressed. The video needs to be compressed to 200 megabytes or less and then it’ll upload. If it’s not compressed the video will need to be 30 seconds or less in order to upload into Google My Business. So you can’t put real long form content on GMB. One thing that you can do that is really cool and we talked about this a couple of weeks ago, was there is a software called Repurpose that you can use that allows you to take a long form video, and it will automatically chop it up into snippets. So you have short video clips that you can then schedule to go out on other social channels.

How Repurpose Helps You Create Video Content

With Repurpose you can actually send those snippets down to a Google drive or Dropbox folder and then you can upload from that Dropbox or Google Drive folder to the Google My Business platform and post that way. So it allows you to take a long form piece of content, chop it up, and then you can use it on Google My Business. We have found really good results in just posting to GMB once a week with the video content that we’re using. We’ve used long form video content where we’ve compressed it and got it within the requirements that they have as far as the sizing. We also are using snippets now that we have implemented the Repurpose software. It’s now a lot easier to get these snippets that we can post to GMB. So it’s really helpful in that way and you will start to see that you start to rank better in Google searches.

Ranking Higher in Google Searches

Google’s not going to tell you this, but you will rank higher. There is a definite benefit to actually posting to GMB. Specifically if you’re a local business, it is something worthwhile to look into to make sure that you do rank in that Google three-pack, as people are searching for your product or service that you offer. I hope that was helpful. Have an excellent rest of your day.



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Brian Freeman
Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.
Brian Freeman

Brian Freeman

Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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