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Local SEO Tip: Add Cities to YouTube Descriptions


Using Local SEO in YouTube Descriptions

If you’re shooting YouTube videos and aiming to target a specific client through local SEO, let me discuss how to do just that using YouTube descriptions.

Today, I will unveil one of the best strategies you can employ with your YouTube description to make your content pop up in local search results. We’re discussing strategically structuring your YouTube descriptions to get that local edge regarding search engine optimization (SEO). I’ll take you through how we’ve been doing it with our construction company and YouTube channel to make this strategy work for us.

Reviewing a YouTube Description in Our Channel

Now, you’ll see our YouTube channel in the video above. Feel free to hit that subscribe button at the Real Property Show on YouTube. Our construction company, Freeman’s Construction, brings this channel to you.

Custom Home in Ramona, California

We crafted a YouTube video about a custom home in Ramona, California. Below the video, you’ll find our YouTube description. We’ve developed a standard template for all our descriptions, tailored for different clients and our own company. This template includes some particular elements we aim for in YouTube descriptions.

A key thing we always ensure to do is include the city name. We’re focusing on Ramona, California, which will feature prominently in our YouTube description.

Where to Put Cities in YouTube Descriptions

So, the strategy involves crafting a concise description that always includes the location. But there are other places where the city will get a mention.

Scroll down the description, and you’ll notice we always list the locations we serve. Right here: “locations we serve”. This section covers our California bases – Ramona, Poway, Escondido, San Diego County, etc. You’ll list out every single location you’re targeting. It will help your content to surface whenever someone’s on the hunt for services in those areas.

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How YouTube Videos Show Up in Local Search Results

Now, we’re zeroing in on locations. Locations are crucial. Here’s a peek at another tab I’ve got open – an incognito window. I did a quick search for “Modern Farmhouse Builder Ramona”. This search term brings up our results.

Here’s a custom Ranch home in Ramona we worked on back in 2018, and here’s the modern farmhouse custom home in Ramona we’re discussing. Notice what’s highlighted: “modern farmhouse”. This is how you get your video to pull up in search results. And if you hit the All tab, our project pops up there. It’s pulling the same search terms, highlighted right here.

How Adding Your Video in a Blog Post Helps

Our project is making waves because it’s also featured on a blog post on our website. Every blog post is crafted around the video, embedding the YouTube content directly. We meticulously structure the video description to include the locations and keywords relevant to our services, like “custom home builder” or “remodeling contractor”.

After we’ve got the YouTube video and description set, we embed the video in a blog post on our site. Then, we go a step further with a transcription courtesy of rev.com. We make sure our blog posts are rich with titles, keywords, and internal and external links — all strategically placed.

This is why our content ranks well in search results. This embedded video from our YouTube channel, featured in our blog post, drives significant traffic to our site. It’s a powerhouse strategy for your online presence.

Need Help With Local SEO?

So, to boost your website in local SEO, start with a YouTube video. Craft a description rich with location and service keywords, embed that video in your blog post, do a transcription, and then share it to your email list to ramp up traffic.

Request a consultation with us if you need a website or a marketing plan for your small business in Boise, Idaho. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Brian Freeman

Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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