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How YouTube Shorts Help Our Construction Channel Grow


Growing Your Channel Using YouTube Shorts

Today, we will learn how YouTube Shorts help our construction channel grow and check how you can use this on your channel. We will examine how we use YouTube shorts and long-form videos for our custom home-building and remodeling business. We will also discuss how this is growing our YouTube channel, doubling the views within two weeks of publishing these shorts, and boosting our long-form content.

What We Do

We’ve been creating one education long-form video a week. It gives updates on projects that we have going out for our customer building and remodeling company. One of the things that we’ve been doing is creating a video every week, and we’re sending that out to our email list. We have people opting in through lead magnets. We’re continually building that list and then feeding that list with educational videos to build that authority with our potential clients.

Boosting Views on Your YouTube Channel

We have one video a week; we send it out and get great results. We’re talking about a thousand leads yearly for a small custom home-building company. It’s all inbound, working well, and producing more leads than we need. It’s way more than we need to get the business what it needs regarding work that we can make. The long-form video is excellent for SEO and shows up in search results. The shorts, a short-form version, are excellent for boosting that YouTube channel to get people to hook them initially.

How to Make YouTube Shorts

If possible, create short content and aim to shoot a brief video every day, making sure you can complete it in less than 15 minutes. You don’t have to put all your captions on and start putting them up on your YouTube channel. I won’t even introduce myself in this video; no captions. You’re not putting burned captions on this thing; you don’t need it. It’s just like this raw footage: trim the front, trim the back, upload that thing, tag it, get it a title, and then set it up with a related video.

How Shorts Increase Your Views

It doubles the views on our YouTube channel, two and a half times the watch time, and it is growing the views on all long-form videos. It’s like this momentum thing where it’s putting up more content shorter, but it’s allowing all these long-form videos to perform much better, and you start getting even more traction with your YouTube channel.

Our subscribers have gone up about four times the rate that they were going up, and you only need a few subscribers for a small local business. It’s not part of the strategy. The strategy is local SEO. Long-form videos are the basis for the search, and the short form with shorts is also used.

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Shorts from Long Form Videos

We have short forms that are edited out of a horizontal video. You want to take a portion of the long form and put a related video. This is hooking and putting it towards the short or longer-form video. The strategy is to take this little snippet, the short out of this longer form video, and then go back to this one, and you’re creating that viral effect with YouTube, which they like. You’re getting people to watch the following video, and then, if they’re not subscribed, you will give them the opportunity to subscribe.

How Shorts Create Momentum

The views depend on the time of the day that you’re posting. The biggest goal is to create momentum on your channel. We’re seeing way more views. So, the views here went up; the views on the channel went up about two and a half times by just doing these shorts. Just a reminder, the rest of these are all other videos that are gaining momentum!

YouTube Compared to Other Platforms

That’s the cool thing about YouTube. It’s a longer form. It’s like it lasts longer than social channels. The content lasts only a while if you go to Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. It’s like it’s gone the next day, and you can’t find it again. The awesome thing about YouTube is that you do these videos, and you have this one here that has over a thousand hours of watch time on this channel within the last 28 days.

Educational Content on Shorts

Creating video content, teaching through educational entertainment, or combining both brings in leads. Inbound leads are coming to us because they are interested in leveraging our expertise in the custom building remodeling industry.


I hope that you guys understand YouTube shorts. Subscribe to the channel, check out our resources, or request a project consultation with us for more information.

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