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How YouTube Guest Appearances Help With Google Searches


Improve Google Search Ranking With YouTube Guest Appearances

Hey, everybody. Today, we’re discussing how guest appearances on other people’s YouTube channels can significantly enhance your visibility in Google search results.

Engaging in YouTube guest appearances helps your brand appear on the first page of Google. This approach is an excellent method to occupy more digital real estate and effectively build authority for your brand. I shared a specific example of this strategy in a YouTube video, where I demonstrated the results live by sharing my screen.

Interviewing Treasure Valley Dave

In one of my guest interviews, I spoke with Treasure Valley Dave, a realtor specializing in relocation services in the Boise Metro area. We published this interview on the Real Property Show, a platform we utilize for our construction and real estate company.

Impressively, when you search for “Treasure Valley Dave” on Google, this YouTube video shows up on the first page, about midway down. Dave has over 500 videos on his channel, which appear prominently alongside his website on the first page. It also gives him considerable exposure from our YouTube channel, which is fantastic because it amplifies his presence across different platforms.

Embed YouTube Video in a Blog

An excellent follow-up action is to embed the YouTube video in a blog post. If you’re featured on someone else’s channel, ask them to embed the video they create into a blog post on their website. Additionally, include some transcriptions of the edited video to be readable. Place this content on a dedicated page and ensure you secure a follow backlink to your site — perhaps directing to your homepage or a specific landing page.

For example, in Dave’s case, we added a blog post on the Freeman’s Construction Inc. website and embedded the interview video. We placed the transcription on that site to avoid duplicate content and included a follow backlink to Treasure Valley Dave’s website. This not only helps build the SEO strength of Dave’s site but also enhances the domain authority of our site through strategic backlinking.

Build Backlinks to Rank Higher on Google

This strategy is beneficial if you aim to build quality website backlinks. You can leverage guest interviews to request backlinks and embed blog posts. Doing so enhances your website’s authority and domain authority, helping you rank higher in Google search results.

I highly recommend this backlinking strategy; it’s a fantastic way to grow the authority of your website. You can also expand your reach to new audiences, especially when engaging with industries like real estate. Guests like Dave have an audience looking to relocate from California to Idaho.

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Final Thoughts

Check out our YouTube channel to see how this strategy performs in search results. You can also subscribe to the channel for more insights on how to grow your business with YouTube.

If you need help with web design and marketing plans in Boise, Idaho and beyond, please request a consultation with us. We’d be happy to reach out to you.

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Brian Freeman

Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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