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How Using a Pricing Guide Will Help You Increase Sales

Should You Talk About Pricing on Your Website?

Hey, so today I wanted to talk to you guys about pricing. So if you’re specifically building custom homes or doing remodeling in the custom homes space, or you’re selling a large ticket item, price is something that, as a business owner, you’re wondering if you should actually be putting pricing on your website out into the open where your competitors can see the price of your products and services that you are selling?” Initially you may think, “Well, I don’t want my competitors to know what it costs, what I’m selling for, because then they’ll know and they can compete against me,” but you don’t want to be competing on price. You want to be providing more value and don’t want to be the one that’s cutting prices to get to the bottom. So the trick is actually talking about pricing, being open about your pricing and when you do that, you build the trust of the people that you’re wanting to work with.

When you do this, your ideal customer is attracted to you. Questions around pricing are some of the first questions your customer is wanting to know. They need to know if they can afford the project. Once they find out they can afford it then they start dreaming of what they can do with their house and how much they can buy a piece of property for and what their custom home will look like. Once you know you can afford something you can go to work figuring out what you’re going to build.

Building Your Email List with a Comprehensive Lead Magnet

So the other thing that happens when you talk about pricing is you attract a lot of clients that are coming in at the front of their buying cycle. What you want to do is capture their contact information. So, at a minimum get their email and their name, but you would like to get their phone number if possible. You can do this by building a comprehensive guide on your website that has information that they need. So it could be, if they’re looking to buy land, you give them a how to buy land guide that walks them through various specifics on how they need to do the land purchase, the due diligence process and all that. You can do the exact thing around a custom home building pricing guide. This is what we call a lead magnet.

What Information do You Put in a Lead Magnet?

In the how to buy land guide you talk about the cost involved with buying land and building and doing the site costs to improve the land. Then you build on that with a pricing guide for building a custom home or a pricing guide for remodeling a home. So you have a ton of information in these lead magnets that give exact prices on projects that you’ve actually done and examples that are very comprehensive and are very helpful to people to further build their trust and by giving that away, you’re capturing their contact information. You’re able to market to these people over a long period of time. I mean, the buying cycle on building a house for someone or remodeling their home can be a year, two years, three years, or it could be longer.

Nurturing Leads Through the Buying Cycle

We are seeing people that have come into our sales pipeline a year and two years and even longer, actually just now converting into a design agreement to build or remodel their home. It’s been awesome because we’ve been nurturing these leads over all that time. They weren’t ready to buy from us at that time. They didn’t have the need, they didn’t have the desire or the timing was not right So they weren’t looking. And over that time we were consistent. We were consistent in delivering content to teach them about the process and we were open and transparent about what we’re actually doing and that has allowed them to now come around and actually allow us to be fortunate enough to build a home for them or to actually do a remodel.

So it’s super important to talk about price because that’s what people are interested in. It builds trust, you’re transparent, and you’re able to capture their contact information and continue to nurture them through the buying cycle and give them more and more information. Then when they finally call you, they actually really feel like they know you and they want to do business with you.

Eliminate Price From Your Sales Conversations

Because you talk about price in your marketing you don’t have conversations about price near as much during the sales process. You are not asked if you can be cheaper or if you can compete with someone else on price because they really already know where your pricing is already at. And they’ve qualified themselves as being a buyer for the service you offer. So it’s super helpful. 

Have Simple Clean Lead Magnet Landing Page

One thing you have to do on your website too, is when you put your lead magnet, which is your pricing guide on your website, you want to make sure it’s very clear of what you want them to do when they hit that page. It needs to have a video there that describes what you can do for them, has some copy or some text that describes it with bullet points telling them what they’re going to get inside that guide. Then you need to give them a clear call to action. Say, “download this guide”. Don’t mix it up with a bunch of other information on the page. Just put the button down below it. You just want them to go ahead and put their contact information in there and download the guide.

Set Up an Email Series Once You Have Their Contact Info

And then you can set up an actual email series once they’re inside your email list that will send them out. So like MailChimp. You could be using HubSpot, or maybe Active Campaign. There are a bunch of different platforms that do that, but you’re actually sending them an automated email series. For our custom home pricing guide we have seven days of automated emails. The emails consist of the pricing guide broken down in the seven different pieces. We’ve done a video that has a lot more information on each one of those steps. So they get the PDF download and then they also get this series of emails that goes out to them every day for seven days. And then they drop into a specific marketing bucket based on the type of lead magnet they downloaded.

We’ll continue to market them on a weekly basis with content that we’re putting out relative to what they’re interested in.  It’s really awesome and it all starts with talking about price, being transparent and just becoming the expert in their eyes. All right. So I hope that helps you in understanding why talking about pricing is so important if you’re a custom home builder or a remodeler.



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