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How to Use Video on Your Website to Increase Sales

Using Video to Increase Sales

Hey Brian Freeman with BuildIt Media. Hey, I wanted to talk to you about how video can help your business grow. How you can build the know like and trust with your customers just by shooting some videos. So, if you can get in the habit of every week just going and shooting a short video, it could be a minute long, it could be three minutes, five minutes. Something short. Could be way longer than that, but shooting a video consistently once a week, where you’re talking about how you can help your customers, how you can add value to them, showing them and teaching them about the product or service that you offer. It’s gonna allow you in their eyes to build a lot of trust. They’re gonna know who you are, they see your face, they’re familiar with you, they trust you. So it takes a lot of that front end work that you have to do when you normally are meeting a customer and shortens that length of time that you, until you actually do business with them.

Uploading Video & SEO

So, what you can do, if you have a WordPress website or another type of website, WordPress is what we specialize in. But if we have a WordPress website, we’ll take this video. The first thing we do is we get this video shot. We’re gonna go to our YouTube channel, we’re gonna upload this to YouTube. We are then gonna take and we’re gonna go to Rev.com, R-E-V.com and we’re gonna take this video, put it up to, or give it to Rev. Rev is gonna send it back with a transcription, text transcription of the video that we did. And we’re also gonna get a time to text file from Rev that we’re gonna upload into YouTube, which will allow the captions to show on YouTube. And then we’ll take the actual transcription text and paste that into the description along with some links. That gives us good SEO. It also allows the time text to show up for people to actually see that, that cannot actually hear what’s going on with the video so they can actually read the text while the video is playing.

Create a Blog Post 

Once that’s done, we take that, we take that text we take that video, we come back over to our WordPress website, to our blog. We’re gonna go ahead and create a new blog post and we’re gonna plug that video in on that page. And then we’re gonna take that text, that transcription that we got from Rev, and we’re gonna put that into the body of the blog post. We’re gonna break it up into bite sizes so people can scan through it and put headings in there, and optimize it for SEO with our h1 h2 h3 tags. And this thing is gonna bring a lot of value for people that are searching for your content, searching for something you offer. They’re gonna be able to find you. And you got a video on there and you also got the text and you’re gonna show up on the first page of Google, if you do it, right. Really powerful, very powerful thing you can do for your company, is to just get consistent with videos. 

Creating Videos for Your Company

Do some yourself, you’re CEO of the company, do them yourself as well. Do them as often as you can. If you can get them once a week, it’s so awesome. But don’t forget about your team members. So you got, you may have a lot of employees out there that are working out in the field, actually interacting with people, have them make it part of their day and their job description to, “Hey, “get some content for our company, bring it back in, “and we’re gonna use it. “We’re gonna put that out there onto our channel.” And you can really gain some momentum on getting a ton of videos out there and starting to really get a foot in your marketplace. So, okay, well that’s, that’s how videos can help you get your business. That know like and trust and need and really dominate your marketplace. So, hope that helps. Go out and make some videos and we’ll talk next week.



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Brian Freeman

Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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