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How to Use Lead Magnets to Capture a Lead’s Email

Using Lead Magnets to Capture Leads

Hey everyone. Today I wanted to share something else regarding your sales marketing process when you’re dealing with clients that build custom homes or do remodeling projects, ADUs, etc. So if you build out guides or resources that we call lead magnets, you can give them to your clients. 

Lead Magnet Ideas

There are so many lead magnet ideas out there. For example, you can give them a custom home building cost guide or floor plans if they’re doing custom homes. If your clients are interested in ADUs, you can provide them with ADU floor plans or a guide on how to buy land. We have those, and they work well.

Why You Should Create Lead Magnets

The goal behind lead magnet creation is to give people something they’ll exchange their email for, and then they get into your marketing pipeline. Then you get to send them emails weekly, and we create video content every week. Such content can show them how to build a custom home or ADU or do a home remodel. Not only is it valuable to them, but it also allows you to get in front of them. 

Capture Leads' Email Address and More

So what we want to do is capture the emails that people use. You’ll often get people who will call you instead of opting in to your emails. And when they do that, these guides are an excellent way to capture that email naturally on a phone call. 

So when clients call your office, you or your office manager can answer the phone, and the conversation can go like this:

You: “Hello, this is Freeman’s Construction Inc. How can we help you?” Client: “I want to build a custom home or an ADU.” 

You: “Great! To whom am I speaking with?”

Client: “I’m John.”

You: “Well, John, we have a wonderful guide on pricing for custom homes. Would you like for me to send that to you?” 

Client: “Absolutely!” 

You: “Okay, great. Well, what’s your email?” 

Try to capture their phone number and get their address while you’re doing that. Doing so after offering a free guide takes away that slimy sales feeling. It’s not sounding like, “Hey, can I have your email so I can put it in my database and send you all these messages?” So you’re giving them something of value, and they’re happy to get it from you and eventually provide their email.

Lead Magnets Are Great

If you have that resource built or know an awesome one, offer it to your potential clients. Even Remodeling Magazine has great information about cost versus value. You could have that in your Google Drive or CRM. And whenever someone asks about it, you say, “Hey, would you like me to send that over? Remodeling Magazine makes one of these things, and I’d love to send it to you so you can see it and get an idea of the prices.” And this works great for calls that come in.

Final Thoughts

I hope that’s helpful and that you guys can get more leads in your pipeline by capturing those emails when people call on the phone. Have a great day!



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Brian Freeman
Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.
Brian Freeman

Brian Freeman

Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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