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How to Tell Your Customer What’s at Stake if They Don’t Use Your Product

Telling Your Customer What's at Stake

Hey, Brian Freeman with BuildIt Media. Hey, today I wanna talk to you about something that is absolutely super, super important that you get on the homepage of your website. That’s gonna be actually talking to your potential customer, your ideal customer, that if they do not do business with you, what does their life look like? What kind of negative things will they encounter if they don’t use your services? 

So let’s say that you are an auto detailing business and you’re doing exterior and interior auto detailing. So on our homepage, we’re gonna bullet point this and we’re gonna say, “If you don’t take care of your car, “if you don’t get an auto detail done on your car, “on the exterior and interior of your car “every three to six months, “your paint’s gonna go bad on your car. “Your leather seats are gonna crack “on the inside of your vehicle, “you’re gonna get rust on the outside of your vehicle. “All these things are gonna depreciate your vehicle “which is gonna hurt your investment into that vehicle, “and the lifetime of the vehicle is gonna be less.” So we’re gonna take all those items and we’re gonna break them down and bullet point them on our website, and we’re gonna make sure that that customer is able to really feel what it is if they neglect using the services that your company offers. 

So it’s an excellent thing to have on the homepage, keep it simple, and then we’re gonna go into the next video and we’ll actually talk about what kind of value they will get and the problems and how life will look, how the problems will go away and how life will look if they do use their services. So, all right, thanks again for watching. Great talking to you today, have an excellent rest of your week.

At Buildit Media we help local businesses “Secure a Position of Strength & Authority in Their Market”. We specialize in marketing for service based small businesses.



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Brian Freeman

Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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