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How to Target Specific Cities You Want To Work In

How to Show Up in Google Search Results

Hey everyone. Today, I want to talk to you about something that’s super important if you’re a local business and you offer a service for your customers. So I want to talk to you about this from a standpoint of how we had this problem and how we solved it with our construction company. One of the problems we were finding was we have our company located in the city that we’re in and we had our Google My Business page set up properly, and we had our reviews. We were popping up for anybody that was searching for us inside of our town. We would be showing the Google three pack at the top for the local searches and we would be there.

The Problem Multiple Location Serving Businesses Have

The problem we were having was we didn’t necessarily want to work in this one area, we wanted to work in some niche neighborhoods that had higher end projects that we were wanting to do and within a certain radius, we didn’t want to go outside of a certain radius from our main office. So with that in mind, we had to figure out how we were going to get people to find us in those other cities. We were a hundred percent referral initially. So we would get leads that would come in from all kinds of different cities and distances from our office, some were good jobs and some were not. We didn’t have control over the amount of jobs that were coming in.

How to Attract Organic Inbound Leads

What we did and what worked from a digital standpoint, from an evergreen content standpoint of creating content that attracts people to you with inbound leads, warm traffic getting the rank in organic searches. This is not about paid traffic that I’m talking about, this is about ranking organically. So how people search and find you organically online. We found neighborhoods that we wanted to work in. Then we started building out content very specific to those neighborhoods. So we looked at the leads that had come into our company from these specific areas. We looked at the questions that they were asking when they’d come to us. We wrote those questions down. We had a list of all the knowledge that we have about these areas. Then we started creating videos around those questions, answering them, and specifically mentioning the city and talking about the ins and outs of what has to happen very specifically for that city.

Write Down Content, Create Videos & Upload to YouTube

We were answering questions about permitting processes, buying land, building in a specific city, any other things that would pertain specific to that city. We answered them and then we would put that on our website. We’d take video content, put it up on YouTube. It helps with the search that shows in search results when you have a YouTube video. We would optimize that by taking and getting the transcription done, through Rev.com, which would give us our text that we could edit. Then we would put headers in there that were keyword specific for the actual town that we’re working in. That then gets broken up into blocks with information about the topic that we’re talking about, specifically that city. The text for the blog goes below the embedded YouTube video that addresses what the text includes.

How to Become the Authority on Services or Products Provided in a Specific Location

You automatically, over time, start popping up. So when people start searching for their problems they’re looking for in that specific city, you’ve answered it. Therefore you’re showing up on the first page of Google, and now you have a ton more leads that are coming in that are very location specific. You can talk about the costs of your product or service, your building costs or your remodeling cost, in a very specific city. You will build out a minimum of five videos on this very specific content in that area. Then that’ll get you to start ranking, and then you can just continue to do more and more and more, and lock yourself into where you’re the go-to person, the authority on the work in that area.

How to Target Specific Cities You Want to Work In

Start creating content, answering your customer’s questions specific to a city, or an area, and really key in on a couple of neighborhoods that have that ideal customer for your business in it. That will really help you target and increase your profitability. You can target those ideal customers that are the ones you want to work with. They typically pay better and it makes life a lot, lot easier. I hope that helps. If you want more information on how I could help you implement some marketing strategies in your business, you can schedule a marketing consultation. Thanks for your time today. Have a great rest of your day.



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