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How to Shoot, Edit, and Upload YouTube Shorts in 15 Minutes


How to Make a YouTube Short

Today, we will look at how to shoot a YouTube short and upload it to your YouTube channel within 15 minutes. This is something you can do that will boost momentum on your channel. I will show you how I’ve done it with my custom home building and remodeling company and how it’s started to increase the views, not only on the shorts themselves but on all the long-form videos we’ve created. I’m going to walk you through the steps. I will show you an example of a short that I shot. I will show you the back end of YouTube so you can see what you need to do to make these things work for you.

How to Shoot a Short Video

I want to show you how to make a short and upload it. This will help your YouTube channel grow. I shot a short for our business, and this is on a job site that I have here. This particular short went out; I shot this on a gimbal, like a selfie stick I’m holding here. I shot this thing and turned my iPhone to vertical mode, and once that was done, I just turned that on and started shooting. The short was shot a little over a minute long. I trimmed the front and back of this video and published it.

Effect of Shorts

You’ll typically see that shorts take off and flatten out over time. This is amazing exposure for a local business. You don’t need this viral effect of millions and millions of views to get the benefits of what this will do for your channel. Doing these shorts over the last few weeks has doubled the traffic to our YouTube channel, boosting all these long forms. You can create shorts every day. Upload and start to see the benefits of all this other work you’ve done in the past or to improve that.

Importance of Related Videos

I could cut a long-form horizontal video to make this short. If I can get a good screenshot that way, I could repurpose it versus just shooting an individual short in vertical mode, which is separate from long form. If I’m on that job and I have another video that’s long-form or even another short that is related to it, I put that here so they watch my short, and they watch it again, then they click and watch it again. This is going to be the related video that you choose. It is essential to find something that interests them so they can continue to watch your channel. That’s when you start showing up in the suggested short feeds and just regular feeds that you’ll see on the YouTube homepage.

Tags on Shorts

We also put tags, and I will take you to the backend and show you how this is done. There are a couple of ways you can do this. Mine cuts off at the end, so I just trimmed it. If you can strategically plan this, you can at the end, ask the watchers if they want to see the full version of this video; they can click on the link below, referring to a link on the right where you can get it below, and you create that next video that’s being watched, and that’s the goal. Once you get good enough, you can do that. Otherwise, you can just let it fall off, and it will still get momentum for your channel, but you can get better and better if you can do those CTAs.

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Essential Things to Do on Shorts

I do not give an intro on short videos. There are no captions. There are instances where you could benefit from it, but this is working without it. So let’s try to keep it simple so you can get it shot, get it up, get it out there. The other important thing is using a selfie stick, so you don’t have to rely on somebody being there on the job site to shoot for you. That’s an essential part of this whole process.

Effect of Shorts on Your YouTube Analytics

I didn’t do an outro or anything on shorts. On the back end, you’ll see the analytics on this video I uploaded. It still has six views in the last 48 hours, but it’s flattened out. So, it had 3.7 K views and added six subscribers. The benefit of having shorts is that it adds subscribers. The average view duration is about 50% on this video; you can see the engagement. You start to lose people, obviously, right away.

Length of Shorts

Your short needs to be less than a minute to get this thing uploaded as a short. Otherwise, it goes on as a vertical format, regular video, which could look better on YouTube. When you put a description in, one thing you don’t want to do is put a link there; it doesn’t work. You just put a description here and keywords in there for what this video’s about and what you want to rank for, and that’ll start pulling up when people are searching for you, even as a local business, put in the locations you serve here in the cities.

Thumbnail for Shorts

You need to put a title and some hashtags. For thumbnails, pick a spot in the video. Recently, I have yet to get that feature to work; I only upload from my phone. You might find something different, but it’s not allowing me to pick that specific thumbnail.

Using TubeBuddy on Shorts

I’ll add a playlist. I don’t usually check the automatic chapters, but then I’ll throw in some tags. I have this hooked up to TubeBuddy, a tool I use that makes some recommendations; that’s what you’re seeing here. They’re giving me some recommendations at that point. I can change this related video and select; I can select a short, or I can choose actual videos. I can search through my videos right here and select that. So make sure you choose that relevant one. That’s where that’s going to happen. This will help boost your channel significantly and help you grow your business.


I hope you guys learned how to create a 15-minute YouTube Short. For more information, subscribe to the channel, check out our resources, or request a project consultation with us.

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