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How to Setup the Success Page for Your Lead Magnet

Hey, everyone. Today, I wanted to talk to you about something that we’re currently actively working on implementing inside of our residential construction company. This is going to be done after they download your lead magnet and hit the success page. On the success page you will tell your customer or client, what that next step is that you want them to take. This is what we call a sales funnel.

How Does a Lead Magnet Work?

A lead magnet is an item of value to your customer or client and is a way to get them to give you their:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number ; Sometimes

For the valuable information you have to offer your potential client or customer. We implemented this about a year and a half ago inside of our construction company, and it’s made a massive difference. We built out very comprehensive lead magnets such as:

  1. Costs to Build a Custom Home
  2. Costs to Build an ADU
  3. How to Buy Land
  4. Home Remodeling Cost Guide
  5. Popular Floor Plans

and placed them on our website for someone to give us their contact information. We built a landing page on our website that can be found organically online by the content we publish, or we put money behind it as a paid ad and push traffic to the landing pages to get more people to convert.

The Success Page for a Lead Magnet

Once they give you their contact information for the lead magnet they go to a success page. When they get to the success page, they’re getting:

  • PDF with the valuable information.
  • Video series that goes over each section of the PDF in depth.

That’s a ton of value. What you need to do, and what we’re doing right now, is make sure they know what the next step is they need to take in the sales process in order to keep going through in order to obtain your product or services such as building a home. For us currently it’s “Request a Project Consultation”.

Call to Action | Sales Process

We are redesigning our pages right now to have a cleaner look for the PDF and videos to make them aware that the next step is to follow:

Step 1: Request a Consultation

Step 2: Meet with Us to Review Project in Detail

Step 3: Building Agreement

How to Generate More Revenue for Your Business

By giving them a product full of valuable information you’re able to charge a consulting fee. We’re currently charging a $400 consulting fee for our construction company. By doing this you’re able to relocate those funds somewhere else. For us, it’s marketing expenses that we have. But you also get the vote from your client or customer saying, “Hey, yeah, we do see more value in this.” And once they buy from you once they’re more likely to buy from you again.

Make Your Call to Action Clear!

Make sure you are very clear once they’ve downloaded your lead magnet and hit the success page. Your success page should have the following items in order:

  1. They’re going to get the valuable information you promised.
  2. The next steps in your sales funnel – Your call to action.
  3. Upsell them on a product you have available ; this will help gain potential revenue.

Why You Need a Lead Magnet

Once they went through the lead magnet process, they may or may not request a consultation from your or take that next step. However, you now have their contact information, you’re able to market to them and continue to give them value through the content you create and push out via the email list you’re building with the contact information you get for the lead magnet download.

Do You Need a Marketing Plan or Website?

I hope that helps clarify what you need to include on your success page. Thanks for your time. If you want more information about marketing for your business or building a website, feel free to visit our website at buildit.media. Have an excellent rest of your day.



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