How to Increase Your Email Open Rates by Unbedding an Email

How to Increase Your Email Open Rates by Unbedding an Email

Hi everyone. Today I’m going to talk about getting more people to open your emails, resulting in a better open rate when sending out emails for your email campaigns. This tactic is called unbedding an email. It applies to the emails that people don’t open on the first go around.

Email Campaign Open Rates

Let’s say you send out emails every Wednesday and the open rate is 25% based on that week’s subject line. You’ll find that as you send quite a few emails out, that some subject lines perform better than others. You may also find that some have a high open rate but a low click rate. Still others have a low open rate and yet a higher click rate. If an email has a higher open rate, that results from a good subject line. A low email click rate, however, denotes that the copy inside the email wasn’t enticing enough to inspire a reader to click into it. Rewriting that email copy to ensure a higher click rate in the future will help if you ever need to resend that email.

Anytime you send the first email out, whatever happens, some people will not open it, in fact, most people will not open that email. You can resend that email to all of your “non-opens”, the people who didn’t open it. Change the subject line to ensure that this gets opened up with a higher rate on these recipients.

Unbedding an Email

The first step is to unbed the followup email. When I say unbed the email, I mean that you want to prevent that email from stacking with the prior email. If you notice email threads with the same subject line from the same people, these emails stack on top of each other and require a reader to click through the emails to expand them and see what’s inside. Anything that was in the prior emails smashed together, at the very minimum, add an “RE:” just like a reply. That will change the subject line characters and keep it out of the same thread on that email. That’s step one.

Rewrite Subject & Modify Email Body

Consider rewriting the subject line to achieve a better open rate. Try another heading that’s completely different, but still related to that email copy, and see if it improves the open rate. Another step is to go into every single paragraph and change at least one character. This could be a letter or punctuation such as a period, a colon, or maybe an exclamation mark. Try changing the letter “a” to the “and” symbol. You can essentially keep the same exact copy, but you must change at least one character in every single paragraph.

Modifying the email body, in a simple way, keeps the email from smashing back together. This resent email shows back up and looks like a fresh email, with a new catchy subject line, and what appears to be fresh content. This email now relates, and when a reader opens it, they see the entire email inside their inbox… unsmashed. This is definitely a cool trick to getting some more opens from “non-openers”.

Marketing & Website Resources for Your Business

I hope that helps. If you have more questions about how to build a website or if you need help with your marketing, review our website. We have a ton of resources on how to do that on our resources page. You can also request a consultation if you would like to talk to us. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful rest of your day.



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Brian Freeman

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