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How to Get Qualified Sales Leads Now without Marketing

How to Get Qualified Sales Leads Now without Marketing

Hey, everyone. Today I wanted to talk to you about how you can get leads right away, qualified leads for your business, and this is actually not going to be into the marketing side of things, this is actually probably going to fall more under the sales. I had a conversation with a group of individuals, business owners, this last week, and they were talking about how they were low on lead flow. They needed jobs, they were slow. They have a residential construction company, so this is coming from my background into that, as far as how this may be able to help you, especially if you’re a service-based business, a construction company that’s building homes, remodeling, you’re offering any other type of service as a local business, this can help you, if you don’t have leads.

How to Generate B2B Sales

What we have found is if you have a ton of leads, you have too many, which our construction company has too many, that we can not actually produce the work if we wanted to. We had someone come to us with permits to build a home today and they said, “We want to start,” but we couldn’t do it. There’s a labor shortage, and we’re backed up. I think it’s probably a year and a half or more. I’d have to look at the schedule exactly, but what we are experiencing is we cannot produce all of the work from the lead flow that’s coming in, even if we wanted to.

So if you’re a business that doesn’t have leads, one of the biggest things you can do is actually look for these businesses that are marketing well. These are going to be companies that are easily found because they typically will have a lot of leads, because they’re doing a good job with their marketing, and they have a lot of people contacting them. If you can go into your market and find those companies that are easy to find, they have a lot of social media presence, a good website, they have a lot of information they’re putting out, they may have a podcast, a good YouTube channel, look at those businesses and call them and say, “Hey, look, are you able to cover all the leads that are coming in? Are you able to produce that work? I would love to partner with you to take some of the leads that you cannot get,” and these may not be junk leads. These may be really good leads, profitable jobs, just because they cannot produce the work.

How to Get Qualified Sales Leads

I know another company that we’re working with that’s not even a construction company, and is getting so many leads that they cannot produce the work until they hire more people, buy more equipment, and be able to actually produce it. So we’re looking at the volume of their business, and even though they have the ability to grow, until they get the actual resources, being the labor resources and also the equipment resources to do more volume, they can’t. We watched their actual sales go up exponentially in one month. However the volume was there, the lead flow and clients were there, but they couldn’t produce it. Once they implemented the resources to get the work done, it shot straight up, because that was already there. So these other companies, especially in the construction industry that are not able to do that now because of this labor shortage, you can partner with these people. 

Referral Agreements for Sales Leads Partnerships

One thing that we’re looking for, specifically in our construction company, is we’re looking for people that we can partner with, and we would love to get a fee, anywhere from 1% to 3% or somewhere in that ballpark, to cover marketing expenses. So if the company that you’re targeting has a marketing budget of, say, 3% of their gross revenue for the year, why not offer to pay that company for quality leads, only when they close? So only if you convert them to a contract, you pay them a fee, and they’ve essentially done the marketing for you.

How an Established Company Can Help a New Company Grow

If you’re a new company, and working with an established company, they know what a good lead is, they send you a good lead, it converts, and then you pay them once the contract is signed. Once you get your first draw, or your fee that you’re charging your customer depending on what the price point is, you can generate a really good relationship that is beneficial until you are able to implement the marketing strategies to get a lot of inbound calls that are warm leads. It takes a lot of time and work. It’s not like it’s an outbound strategy, where you’re doing podcasts, videos, or whatever you’re doing to actually promote your company, it really takes time to get that inbound lead flow in order to get things going.

Get Leads & Sales without Marketing

A very good strategy for the beginning, very good strategy if something you’re doing is not working anymore. You can stop thinking about Facebook ads or conversion rates, and all this craziness. Go out and find people that already have that lead flow, have it already figured out. They have the marketing, they have the reputation, and they’re able to give you what you need, and you can help them by covering their marketing budget every single month. So it’s a super cool strategy.

How Referral Agreements Work in the Real Estate Industry

This is done in the real estate industry all the time. I mean, you’re talking about people that are relocating. They have an agent that was working with them, sold their house, they refer them to another agent in another area, they get a referral fee. It’s 25% or 30%, or whatever that that agreement may be, so why not establish a referral agreement that you can give in the construction industry or in your business, that you can give to the companies that you decide to work with, or they will actually give it to you, you fill it out, and then that fee gets paid to them after you have a closing, after an actual conversion, so you’re not having to front the leads like you would if you’re paying some of these online lead generation companies.

How BuildIt Media Can Help

I hope that helps. This is something that I think could really boost sales quickly, and getting quality leads, to grow your company very quickly. If you’d like more information on how we may be able to help you grow your company or implement a marketing plan, you can check out our website or request a consultation. Have an excellent rest of your day.



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