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How to Get Paid for Your Initial Client Consultation

Be Positioned As an Expert in Your Industry

We’re going to cover how you can get paid for the initial consultation that you have with a client or a customer. This is coming from my experience as a custom home builder and a home remodeling contractor. Now, this can apply if you’re a real estate agent as well as to any other type of business where you would initially offer a free consultation to your client or customer and then work to convert them to that next stage in your process. The bottom line is, in order to do this, you have to be positioned as the expert in your industry, and you have to have built value before the people actually contact you.

Video Marketing | Answer Your Customers Questions

The way that we have done this and positioned our construction company is through video marketing. We have created content answering the questions that all of our customers are asking us. Questions such as:

  • What are the steps?
  • Initial questions when they’re ready to engage to build a custom home, accessory dwelling unit, or remodel their house.
  • A lot of it is even buying land because that’s the first process when people are ready to build a home.

We’re answering those questions at the very front end.

How Video Marketing Works | Give Valuable Information

We have taken the knowledge that we have. We’ve mastered what our trade is initially. Then we take that information and:

  • Record it on video.
  • Push it out on the website.
  • Post to social media.
  • Anywhere you can reach your target audience.

You give them a ton of information prior to them even contacting you. By doing this it makes the customer feel like they already know you because they have:

  • Seen our face.
  • Heard what we had to say.
  • Feel that we can solve their problems.

We have given them a ton of value. They trust us.

Reuse Video Content for a Podcast | Build Credibility

Another thing we do is we strip the audio off of our videos, and we will actually put that on a podcast and use that to further enhance credibility out there. We have a podcast for our construction company. You can have a small podcast for whatever company you have, it doesn’t have to be long. We’re talking five, 10 minutes, whatever it may be, just to get the word out once a week to let people know about:

  • What’s new in your business.
  • What you offer specifically.
  • What problems you can solve.

By doing that and positioning yourself as the authority and letting people know about it, you have earned the right to charge for your paid consultation because they see the value in doing that. It’s  a major game-changer when you can do that.

How to Get Paid for Your Client Consultations

The next step after that, whatever that next stage was you were getting paid for, now that you’re getting paid for that too, you can even charge more for the next stage in the process because you are the expert. You get known as the expert in your industry and to do that, start by video. It’s huge. It’s powerful. It’s the most powerful way to get the word out there. Just take it and apply it, put it on:

  • YouTube
  • Podcast
  • Embed that on your website.
  • Transcribe your video into text and create a blog post including your video for your website.

It will change the game as far as people finding you and making you the expert, and allowing you to get paid for an initial consultation in your business.

More Information on Positioning Your Company

I hope that helps. If you would like more information on how to position your company, how to develop a marketing plan or build a website, you can submit a form. Thank you for your time today, and have a great rest of your day.



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