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How to Get Lead Magnet Ideas for Your Business

What is a Lead Magnet?

Hey everybody. Today I want to actually talk to you about how you decide what lead magnet you’re going to actually create for your business. The first thing we’re going to cover briefly is, what is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is something that you actually create to give away for free to your ideal customer so they’ll opt in and give you their contact information, so then you can market to them continually in order to become top-of-mind and actually get to do business with these people later down the road.

How to Determine What to Create for Your Lead Magnet

What do we actually create for the lead magnet? That’s a good question. This is something that you ultimately have to decide, what is the primary solution that your business provides for your customer? What is that? Today I’m going to talk to you about this from a custom home builder’s business and what their solution is, and I’m going to break that down for you as far as how that particular custom home builder could look at his business and create a lead magnet. You have multiple lead magnet topic options, and I want to talk to you about that, and then we’re also going to talk about how you actually structure that lead magnet, and how you present it to your customer.

What Is the Primary Solution That Your Local Business Provides?

Ultimately there is a primary solution. So if we’re building a custom home and then there’s these large steps of the process to actually build this custom home, what does that look like as far as the process? One of the things we’re going to be doing during that process is we’re going to have to buy land, so we have to actually purchase land in order to build a house on, so that’s going to be a very important step of the process. Another step is going to be to create a budget in order to make sure we can build a home on that property. Then once we create our budget, we’re going to have to draw plans, go through the permitting process and then build this house. Those are all the larger steps that you have to take into account in order to produce the custom home. 

We’re still not at the level of what you do to create a lead magnet on. You can create a lead magnet around those larger items, but we’re going to go one level deeper. If we’re going to be buying land, we’re going to split that up into different pieces. What do we actually have to do to buy land? There’s land due diligence where we’re evaluating site costs when we’re buying land. We’re going to look at what permits are going to have to be required to actually do those site costs and then there is a surveying process that has to be done on the land.

How to Determine the Different Sections for Your Lead Magnet

We’re going to split this thing up into sections by the steps. So the first step is budget. How do we actually determine a budget? What does it cost to actually build? How do we go through and determine a budget prior to drawing plans? These are all little pieces of the larger steps that are split up, and we break those down into that level, and once you get to that level, that’s where you create your lead magnet. We can create a lead magnet around determining the site costs when you’re buying land. You can also do three important things you have to do when you’re buying land or how to do due diligence when buying land. You could even use the main steps that you would have to take in order to build that custom home which is the ultimate solution that your business provides for your customer. Break down to that level and that’s where you get your lead magnets. You can create a ton of these things. You can create five, six lead magnets around just buying land. 

How to Make Sure Your Lead Magnet Gets Good Results

Make sure you break down each step into a different section. Say, buying land is one of the major steps, if you come up with maybe five, 10 ideas and talk to some people and say, “Hey, which one sounds the best and most enticing to you if you’re at the stage in the process where you have to buy land, what does that look like as far as which one you would opt in for the most?” Do some research. You can also do some keyword research and see what people are actually searching for. If they’re searching around ideas or searching for terms that are related to the lead magnet title that you’re considering, then you know you’ll probably have some good results as far as people opting in for that, because they’re already looking for it. Keep that in mind.

How to Structure Your Lead Magnet

Now what you want to do is to structure the lead magnet. You are going to create some steps. List out the different steps of that process. What are the steps to go through. For example, what are the steps during the due diligence process of purchasing land? What does that look like? Step one, step two, step three, step four, step five. List all that out. You can give this in a PDF or video format as well. Maybe this is a five-minute video. Very, very simple, but it gives them the steps. You can go into more depth later and actually maybe even charge for it, or you can stack these different lead magnets together to increase even more opt-ins with a larger packaged lead magnet, which would be like a How to Buy Land Guide, so you have everything all in one, so everything would be together. That’d be another step, so you actually give more value and you get more opt-ins. 

But when we’re talking about just the initial lead magnet here, this could be a one-page PDF or a five-minute video. Very, very simple what you can do, so get the steps, then when you actually present this to somebody, you want to talk to them about, “Okay, look. This is the reason, this is why we do this. I’ve been doing this for this long.” You want to talk to them so you give some authority to what you’re doing and the mistakes that you made and how important this is as to why they should be listening to you and how you can help them. Then explain the strategy. Tell your story, so you’re essentially telling him a story about why this is important. 

Explain to Your Customer Why It’s Important to Follow the Lead Magnet Steps

Then walk them through the actual step-by-step that we just listed out in the framework. This is why you do it. You want to explain why it’s so important, then give him the information on how to do it, and then actually discuss a case study as to how such as, “By doing this, this is what this prevented,” or “This is how this helped us.” So if we’re buying land, say, “Hey, we decided that we got our property corners marked on this property and we found out that this corner was way onto the neighbor’s property and it saved a boundary dispute that was going to happen down the road.” You give them these different case studies as to how these things can help them, so it helps them to understand why this is so important.

How to Create a Lead Magnet for Your Local Business

Yes, you can do this on a ton of different smaller items that are for each of those main results that you need to get the bigger steps to actually get to that ultimate result of building a custom home. Right, so you take this, think of your company, what do you do? What’s your main solution? Break it down into steps, larger steps to get there and then break it down one more time and say, “What are the pieces to get to that larger step?” and then that’s what you’re going to actually create that lead magnet around, and that’ll give you a ton of ideas that you actually use. Ask some people, “Hey, what do you want to opt in on?” Do some research as far as what people are searching for and create some lead magnets, and sometimes you’d be surprised. Create a couple of them, put them out there, test them. See which works. The market will tell you what’s a better one. 

Marketing Resources for Small Businesses

Alright, I hope that helps. If you need more information about how we can help you, review our website. You can go to the Resources page, we have a ton of information you can download there. Have a great rest of your day.



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