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How to Dominate Local SEO with YouTube Videos


Dominating Local SEO

If you own a local business and create YouTube videos or podcasts, I will show you how to optimize your blog post for local SEO. This way, you’ll show up on the first page for everything your business targets.

I’ll demonstrate how to embed your YouTube videos and podcasts into a blog post to enhance your SEO ranking. We’ll structure the blog post, including internal and external linking, and explain the best practices.

Once we reach the end, I’ll reveal the actual results of these techniques, showcasing tangible outcomes for our media and construction companies.

Structuring Blog Posts

Let’s dive into the structure of a blog post on our BuildIt Media website. An embedded YouTube video from our channel is a crucial element. We’ve also included a podcast hosted on Libsyn, embedded as an iFrame. Both the video and audio play directly on the blog.

The whole blog post is based on the video we embed. As for the podcast, we stripped the audio and repurposed the video content. An alternative is to record a podcast separately and then upload it.

The power of the blog post comes from using these multimedia elements.

We transcribe the video, creating a text-rich post essential for SEO purposes. Remember, your URL and H1 tag should include your target keyword phrase. In our sample blog in the video above, it’s “keywords in YouTube comments”. H2s, H3s, and H4s should be used in descending order of importance to structure your content effectively.

Other Important Aspects of a Blog

Include a Call-to-Action (CTA) at the end. You always want to say, “Hey, what’s the next step to work with you?” This blog says, “If you need help building a website or market plan for your business, contact us.” Doing so will invite the readers to take the next step, like “request a consultation”.

Similarly, you can complement this with author information and related posts at the bottom or sides. I’ll throw in some lead magnets so they can opt-in on these, and I can capture them in email. Then, I can start to market to them, go back and forth with them regarding warming up the lead, and then eventually do business with them.

Breadcrumbs are also necessary for SEO-friendly navigation. When creating links, make sure they open in new tabs to keep readers on your site. Include good anchor texts with keywords. Mix internal and external links to provide value and resources to your readers.

Internal and External Linking

Create a network of links if you operate multiple businesses. For example, a link to our construction company, freemansconstruction.com, is embedded in the blog. Internal links should interconnect your content, enhancing the user experience and SEO. You need two to four of these in each blog.

As for external linking, you want to have at least one or two links. It should not be like, “Just send them to some random thing.” It needs to be helpful to the people’s experience and give them another resource to look into.


  1. Stay away from a competitor’s website.
  2. Go to somebody with a resource, like a newsfeed on your product or service.
  3. Look for a resource they could benefit from.

Embedding YouTube Videos

Embedding YouTube videos directly impacts how you rank on search engines. For instance, our construction company posted a blog about installing a Santa Fe dehumidifier in an attic and why your custom home needs one.

This blog shows at the very top due to the embedded video. It is actually linked to the Real Property show. Over time, it will start to snowball. You cannot stop people from visiting your website if you focus on local areas or your business is in a particular area.

Best Local SEO Practices

Start building content about multiple locations. If you’re in custom homes, focus on location keywords about specific cities and the places where you want to work. Talk about solutions, like permitting processes or anything you can think of that’s specific to the location.

Start answering questions from your customers and then build your videos around that. Embed them in the blog, and your business will take off.

In Conclusion

If you’re getting value from these videos, we’d appreciate it if you’d like them. It also helps our YouTube channel if you subscribe. We have new videos every week to teach you how to grow your business.

If you need help with video marketing, feel free to request a consultation with us. We’d be happy to reach out to you. Have a great day!

Picture of Brian Freeman

Brian Freeman

Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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