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How to Create Content for Local SEO


Creating Content for Local SEO

Hey everyone. Today, we will look at how to create content for local SEO. If you’re a small business owner that offers a service and you are located in a particular city or service that city and surrounding areas, you want to ensure you’re showing up in those local searches.

Say, people are finding you in your service areas. Who cares if they see you across the country if you don’t offer service there? We don’t want to build content for a national search. You will only be doing business with people in the area you serve. So, it’s super important to create local content.

I want to discuss how to do that with you. I will also show examples of what we’ve done for a custom home building and remodeling company, how that has worked, and why people are finding us.

Example Search Results

We have opened a general search for permits and fees for custom homes. A construction permit costs $500 to $2,000. We need to find out what area it’s in, but it doesn’t pull up any results. I’m in Idaho right now, so it’s trying to give me some local search results.

If I search for this in San Diego, an area I’m servicing, you should build content around that city. So, if you’re listening to this on the podcast, go to YouTube to see the examples I’m showing here.

Effective Local Content

This one concerns a permit fee for custom homes in San Diego. The featured snippet is pulled from created content about permits and fees. It contains information about permits and fees and an embedded YouTube video.

Our YouTube construction channel also has a playlist for permits and fees. You’ll see it’s got a thousand views, but this is a very well-performing piece of content for bringing leads. Why is that? Why does this right here bring us a bunch of leads?

Because people who are actually searching are in the area we want to work in, and they’re also searching for information about how to solve their problem.

Targeting Local Audiences

So they already know their problem: They want to build a house, and they’re starting to ask, “What does it cost to build something?” and then they’re starting to look at design. So we have other things on design, permits, fees, and costs — all those things that are in the process of deciding to build a home. We’re creating content specific to the cities we’re working in.

Other options include plans and design for those areas, permits and fees, site costs, the cost of wells and certain things in this area, building costs, and what affects the price per square foot in those buildings.

Builder-Specific Content

These are prices for San Diego County. It could be for any type of business specific to your location. So, you always want to have the city and even the state in the information that you’re creating. I am trying to answer questions for local people so they know it’s very location-specific.

Say you’re an ADU builder or remodeling expert, but you’re looking at setbacks for an area. Some areas have inevitable setbacks in specific building departments. So, finding a location like Poway or another area that you’re building in setbacks for ADUs in this area, zero lot line for it could be like a side yard or 10 feet, four feet, whatever it might be.

Creating Local Content

You’re going to build that content out and answer those questions. Then, you will ensure those cities are included in your blog posts. So, when doing a blog post like this, you will put that information down here and add the cities. You’re also putting those internal and external links to other pieces of content.

I would link here to other content about the permits, fees, and building costs. These are all going to start pulling up from a local standpoint. And the thing about it is you get way fewer views. So you only need a few views on these. These are not a lot, but they’re high intent. These people are serious about what they want to do.

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Benefits of Local SEO

Local SEO creates a lot of results for a lot of businesses. We currently have 1,012 subscribers, but this produces over 1,200 raw leads a year. It’s built for local SEO, not for national SEO. I’m not trying to rank or get many views. So you’re getting specific people to come to you that want to work with you and that you’re going to solve their problem.


There’s a great podcast about it over on Carrot. They have a great video on “Build Your SEO Machine.” I’ve learned much from these Carrot guys about marketing or how to do everything in the real estate investor space. And he talks about how it’s so much easier to do now than ever.


AI is now starting to throw results at a national level. It’s pulling from creators who create content and put information into these AI search results. So, if I were searching here, I’d get an AI search result on national information. Different from locally, you’re not getting that, which will be much harder for them.


Even if they do get that, they’re referencing the source. So you’re getting some exposure from that content you’ve created.

Creating Comprehensive Guides

I’d recommend creating your content strategically around the pieces of your business. Whatever your service is, build that out for local SEO and then make a guide and tie a bunch of videos up with it. For instance, we have a comprehensive guide on buying land in San Diego. That works really well for builders because they’ve got to have land before they can build.


We also have a custom home cost guide. It’s got videos in there, but you want to ensure you’re creating that local content. Make sure you have cities in your content and are location-specific. Don’t get hung up on getting many views or website visitors. It’s unnecessary for local businesses unless you’re pivoting out of it and going to some other business model from that, but it works well.

In Conclusion

If you need assistance with content marketing for your business in Boise, Idaho, or other cities, request a consultation with us. We’d be happy to help.

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Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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