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How to Create a Lead Magnet

How to Create a Lead Magnet for Your Business

Today, we are going to cover lead magnets. We will cover: 

  • Why you want to create a lead magnet 
  • What do you create your lead magnet about?  
  • What content you actually use to do it.   
  • What the purpose of that lead magnet is for your business in the future.  

What is a Lead Magnet?

The first thing is what is a lead magnet? This is something of value that you can give to your potential clients and customers or that they can download on your websiteand exchange their information for. They will give you: 

  • Name 
  • Email Address  
  • Address  
  • Phone Number 

They can give you different information depending on different things that you’re looking for. But they are going to give you some type of information where you can contact them in the future.  

What Do You Create Your Lead Magnet About? 

Now, what do you actually create for them? This depends on what your small business actually does. What you’re going to have tdo to determine that is you need to go back and think about all the sales appointments you’ve been on, talk to your sales team and ask them what questions theyre being asked when you talk to the potential client or customer? Write down the top 100 questionsWhat we will do now is address the top questions that are asked in a lead magnet. 

What Content Do You Use For Your Lead Magnet?  

Option #1: Checklist 

This could be as simple as a checklist. Say somebody needs a checklist of things that they need to do in order to use your product, or say for instance they’re going on a trip, and they need a packing checklist.  

Option #2: Teaching Webinar, Courses & Trainings 

It could be a webinar that you’re doing, so if you’re teaching something, and you’re selling something about education, or it could just be you’re teaching about your line of work or the business that you’re in. If you decide to do the webinar we can gate it, put it live, or put it on YouTube. If we gate it, people who download the lead magnet can see it but other people can notBy doing this you are able to give away that. You could also do courses or trainings that you’re teaching. 

Option #3: Costs or Information for Your Services or Products  

You can also address pricing issues. So pricing is huge, right? Especially with big ticket items where you have people that are going, “What does it cost to do this?” My background is in the construction district, custom home building and home remodeling, and that’s one of the first things they ask questions-wise. So what’s it cost to build a home? What’s the permitting process look like? What’s it look like as far as remodeling costs, all of that. So that is something that you can absolutely build a lead magnet around. And go through the step by step the different sections of that of the pricing. Or if you’re a real estate agent, and you’re looking for someone that’s interested in an area, they want to know specifics about schoolshomes or things to do in the area too.  


What is the Purpose of Your Lead Magnet? 

You want the customer to enter into your marketing funnel right at the very beginning of thbuy cycle, because what that does is when they give you that email address, they give you that address, or that phone number, you’re able to communicate with them and build trust with them as you market to them. So think about the questions that your customers are asking, address those with the lead magnet 

How the Lead Magnet Works 

Initially they’re gonna download that lead magnet and then the following will happen: 

  • They will get an email blast that’s sent out automatically to them. This will include content you gave them initially, plus a series that they get hit with.  
  • They will also get a weekly campaign, or it could be a monthly depending on what kind of line of work you’re in. We do weekly, but you will give them content so they see your face so they learn to trust and see you as an authority in the market. 

Doing this allows you to answer a ton of their questions so when they are ready to buy the sales cycle is shortened, and then you are able to sell a lot of times without cost being an issue. It just makes for a much smoother process, and the conversions are way higher. 


What Do You Do After You Create Your Lead Magnet? 

You will have to then create a video series that is actually tied to guide. So here in our example there’s seven different sections in this guide and each section is further addressed with a video talking in more detail about what that section was about. This is the all-addressing price on what it costs to build a custom home. And then we’re taking these videos on a weekly basis as they are generated and created and sending them out through MailChimp and the blog once they are uploaded to YouTube. We also get an audio version that will then get uploaded to our weekly podcast. By doing this you’re able to build authority. People that don’t want to watch video, but they’ll listen to audio are able to consume this content here,and it further helps to increase your authority with whatever your small business is in or the service that you’re selling. 

Lead Magnet Example

So, once we click here on this PDF, we’re gonna click here. It’s gonna take us to this guide, this PDF that is downloaded. So in this guide, it’s broken up into sections. The sections are huge. It helps people to consume it and break it down and just be able to understand it better. In this guide the sections that gets covered are: 

  • Budget 
  • Plans & Design 
  • Permits & Fees 
  • Site Costs 
  • Building Costs 
  • What Affects Price/Square Feet 
  • Real Building Costs Examples 

We’re giving them real actual numbers on what it costs and real numbers so they can calculate out what their price per square foot might amount to. We’re not worried about what our competitor is thinking if they see this, because there’s more people that are downloading so we’re getting a lot more value out of the people that we’re doing business with than the actual competitors that are coming on our site and saying, “Oh, they’re charging this much for that.” That is not an issue, you have to get over that because it just doesn’t work that way. There’s a lot more value in actually sharing this information than there is in someone stealing it and working against you.  


What Should You Include with Your Lead Magnet?

In the example we go as far as showing an actual home that was built. We link back to our website with more pictures and 3D tours of the actual home that’s built, with the actual prices for the build costs by themselves and square footages. So you’re seeing real projects that all link back to the website. One the final page you will then want to include: 

  • Areas You Serve 
  • Cross Promote Another Lead Magnet 
  • Reviews 
  • Social Channels 
  • Website 
  • Phone Number  
  • Call to Action – Request a Consultation or Schedule an Appointment  

Why You Should  Create a Lead Magnet?

So this is a basic lead magnet. You’re giving something of value. You can do this in a weekend if you’re already an expert on what you’re doing.You can create and edit the copy and then get it designed professionally, this will represent your company very well. Once that is done get that out onto your website to where it allows potential clients or customers to download. So you don’t have to do all these videos in the very beginning, right? You can just do this lead magnet and make it be one page. You can then break that page into sections and create videos and add those once you are completed. It’s just more enticing for them to download, because you’re giving a lot more valuable information for free. And then once they’re in your pipeline it’s just continuing to give them value informationYou’re then the one that they want to work with. That’s the reason behind it. 

Do You Have to Write Text for Your Lead Magnet? 

No, you don’t even have to write anything, you could make just a video. This would be your webinar, and then you put that on your landing page. This could be a 45 minute webinar you did for free somewhere else. You were teaching people, but you are re-purposing the content that you have, and you’re now gating it, meaning that they have to download and give their information in order to actually get the information they want. 

What is the Process of Events for Your Lead Magnet 

As soon as they download this, they’re getting this PDF that is on the screen. Once someone downloads the Lead Magnet their information goes through MailChimp and triggers an auto-responder series, which they will then get daily for 7 days. After that seven days is up, they are then getting a video every week. So we’re creating content that we’re giving out every single week that goes out, we put it up on YouTube and push it out via MailChimp. That then drives them to our website where the blog post is at, which also has the video embedded from YouTube. So that’s the process and the sequence of events once they initially come into your funnel, and then you would continue to market, and then they eventually will convert and become a paying client.  

 Helping You Create a Lead Magnet 

So, all right, so I hope that helps. We will talk to you in the next video. We actually cover why you need a video on your landing page that is going to help it convert way better than if you do not have one. So I’ll wrap, thanks for your time today, and it was great talking to you. 




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