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How to Create a Lead Magnet for Your Business

How to Build a Lead Magnet to Bring in Leads for Your Business

Hey everyone. Today, I’m excited to talk to you. I wanted to share with you a course I’m about 70% of the way through, finishing it up. It’s a super powerful course and I want to talk to you about how it can help you create a really cool lead magnet that brings in a lot of leads for your business. This course is something I heard about from Dr. Axe, he’s got a really successful company. You probably heard of him, but he’s in the wellness space. He’s in the hundreds of millions of dollars a year for his business and he used this for launching his company and his brand.

Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker

This course is called Product Launch Formula. It is a course put on by Jeff Walker. He’s done a ton of launches for different types of businesses, that have actual physical products that are companies wanting to create an online informational product like a course. Also for businesses that are just brick and mortar businesses that offer maybe a service. A custom home builder, or remodeler, real estate agent, doctor, or chiropractor are just a few different types of companies. 

This has worked for a ton of different businesses and essentially what you are doing is you’re taking your knowledge that you have and are packaging it up. You can package it up as a product to sell or you can package it up into a lead magnet and give to somebody that it gives a ton of value to them. It informs and educates them about the product that you offer.

Step One, Gather Information

Then you are able to gather their information, such as their email, phone number, name, whatever you’re after, by giving away this lead magnet or other product that holds value. Then that allows you to start communicating with the customer. The more value you give the more information you can get from them. If you give enough value, you’re able to get money for this course or information that you’re giving them. So essentially what you can do, and this is something that we have done with our construction company, you can also do this as a real estate agent or doctor as well. But if you take and talk about the information that your customer is wanting to know upfront, before they buy, before they choose a contractor, doctor, or real estate agent that they’re going to work through.

Step Two, Create a List of People to Promote Your Product

Then what you’re going to do is promote to a list that you create. This could be an address mailing list, email list, friends or family, even if it’s small, put together that initial list. The course for this in the Product Launch Formula is called a Seed Launch. But to actually start creating a product, you will let them know that, hey, we’re going to have this course or webinar coming up and we’re going to be teaching about this particular topic. Say, it’s the cost to build a custom home. Everything you need to know about building a custom home, the cost to build it, what it’s going to cost. We’re going to talk to you as a real estate agent. We’re going to talk to you about the five things you have to do to get the most money to sell your home. If you want to be a listing agent and you want to get these leads specifically around selling a home, you’re going to offer this to them.

Have Live Webinars to Teach About Your Niche

Now you can break this into, say 5 different segments. As far as the actual amount of times that you’ll meet and have live webinars where you’re actually talking and interacting with these people, three to five is probably good. You can either charge for this, or it can be free, or it can be a culmination of both. You charge a little bit, get as many people as you can, and then bring some other people for free just to bring the community together and have enough people there that are interacting in the webinar you have. 

But you go on there and record your webinar. Say, it’s a zoom call, record this with the people that are there. If it’s live, you can video it. Also, get the audio in both directions. But essentially, if you have a long webinar, you can put this up into five different pieces, or you could actually do five individual webinars. You’re sending this out to your email list, letting them know what it is. They’re registering and coming to it. You’re creating really valuable content. Live interaction, talking to people. What you do when you’re done is you can package this up and create a product out of it. Then the next launch you do, you will be charging for it. You’re charging these people before you actually create the product. If you decide to charge on the first go around, when you do that seed launch.

Create a Lead Magnet

The other thing you can do is set this up to be a lead magnet. So you’re creating this content, recording it, and then that’s going to be what you now offer on your website. Where you go, hey look, download this. You’ll get everything you need to know for the cost to build a home or the five steps that you need to go through in order to sell your home for top dollar. In this, you’re going to get a PDF guide that talks about where you’ve actually summarized this, checklists and all the details that go along with the actual process that you talked about. Plus they’re going to get five 15 minute videos that are all chopped up in different segments. They can get all those at once.

Create an Automated Email Series for Your Lead Magnet

Then you can also set that up on an automated email series that goes out to them for five days. So they download this initially, it goes out to them for five different days, and then you’re able to stay top of mind for five days. Then they go on your standard emailing sequence based on how you segment them on your email list. So it’s really powerful. You can get a ton of leads as that traffic comes to your website and you’re driving traffic. Through paid traffic, organic, they’re going to convert. They’re going to download this because you get a ton of value by the lead magnet that you build this way.

Do You Need Additional Resources for Your Business?

All right. I hope that helps. If you need more information please review our website’s resources page. Thanks so much for your time today.



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