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How to Create a Lead Magnet for a Local Business

How to Create a Lead Magnet for a Local Business

Hi everyone. I hope you are having an awesome day today. I want to review the aspects of creating a lead magnet for a local business. As a local company, you service people in your area, and it’s really important to build an email list with those people that you service. Using this email list appropriately will keep your business going.

Utilizing the Email List

I’ve talked to a couple different business owners this week that don’t have enough customers regularly coming into their business to keep things going. They are slow. I asked them,” Do you have an email list?” They explained that they do, but haven’t accessed the list or used it for a very long time. They’re not emailing the people on their list.

One individual had about 2,000 or 3,000 people on their list, and yet they’re business is slow. They don’t have enough work coming in, nor are they emailing anybody on their email list. Sending regular emails is the lifeblood of your business. You can really generate a lot of business for yourself, especially if you are slow.

Creating an Email Contact Point

Many times you’ll see online businesses that sell via e-commerce or they give something away online. The lead magnet is something you opt in for that they hook you with when you’re on Facebook, such as something enticing. Opting into this interesting thing lands you on their email list. Once they begin emailing you, there’s a chance you might buy their product.

Let’s say you’re a local restaurant, a dentist, or doctor, and you offer service to people in your area of town. How do you use a lead magnet to build your business and email list? One thing you can do is collect the email address of anyone who walks through your front door. If a customer can order online, then you can collect their email address online. A pizza shop, for example, can offer a 10% off special if the customer provides an email.

Generating Repeat Customers

Down the road, when everybody is getting ready to come home from work, send an email or text message and remind them that if they need some food tonight for their family, your shop is open and available to come in and get a pizza. This reminds them that you’re a business and it puts you at the top of their mind. The number of people that begin to come in will explode, generating repeat customers. So give something away to capture that email, whether it is a discount, bonus, or whatever you can offer them. When they buy today, mention, “Hey, give us your email and we’ll give you an extra soft drink.”

Examples for How to Generate Repeat Customers

Maybe you can offer some teeth whitening strips if you’re a dentist. Then you can continue to strategically market them. If you have a recurring service, such as a 6 month teeth cleaning, you want to fire out an email and remind them about that so they come in. How many people put teeth cleaning on their actual calendar? A few might, but it’s probably not very common. So remind your customers at the appropriate intervals that they need to do business with you, which keeps you on top of mind.

You can also email these people regularly. Once a week is a good minimum to stay top of mind during that process. Then the sixth month reminder hits the inbox in time to get their teeth cleaned. Or maybe once a week you send out the reminder on Friday night, “you going to get a pizza tonight?” Then the recurring business continues.

Marketing Resources for Your Local Business

I believe your business can really pick up. First, give something away. At the same time, capture that information, whether it’s a phone number or email. Then, start strategically sending out these messages to your customers. The results will be huge and I believe you can really grow your business. Focus on building that email list by creating some type of lead magnet for your local business. I hope that helps. If you’d like more information about how we can help you, take a look around our website. Have an excellent rest of your day.



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