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How to Conduct Competitor Keyword Research

How to Do Keyword Research for Your Business

Today I wanted to touch base real quick on something you can do if you’re a real estate agent, build houses, remodel houses, or anything that you’re doing as far as a service. You can look at your competitors and go to their website. You can then right click on each individual page on their website, pull up the source code for that particular website page, and see what keywords they’re ranking for as well as their title tag that they have on that page and what they’re attempting to target.

How to View Source Code

To do this, right click on that page, you can see a spot where it says, ‘in Google Chrome browser’, you can see a section at the bottom that says ‘Inspect’, and if you tap on that, it’ll show that code. And then look at the top of the code towards the top, it’s going to say ‘Head’ and you want to tap on that, it’ll have a drop down arrow, and it’ll open that up, and then that’s where you can see the title tag and keywords. That will allow you to kind of spy on your competitors and see what they’re doing.

SEO Meta Description

It’ll give you the meta description as well so you can see what their meta description sells so people are clicking on that page. Part of your initial process of when you’re doing keyword research for your company is to go look at your competitors and see what they’re ranking for with that page. So a good example would be if you want to rank for say, real estate agent, Boise, Idaho, or you want to say custom home builder, Boise, Idaho, you can go and type that into Google and see who pops up and who’s number one, two, three. Look at those websites and see what they’ve done. They’ve obviously done some research in order to get to the top of Google and you want to be able to mimic and go after what they’re going after.

Why You Want to Do Keyword Research for Your Business

You may find out from doing your keyword research, that there is maybe another search term or long tail keyword or variation of a keyword they’re using that they’re not pulling for that has very low competition, has a lot of searches, that you may be able to capitalize on and be able to draw traffic to your site quicker and then start ranking and taking over that first page of Google.

Additional Marketing & Website Resources

I know it was short, but I hope that helps. If you’d like more information about how we can help you, you can view our website and resources page. Thanks for your time and have a great rest of your day.



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