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How to Clarify Your Message With a One Liner

Clarifying Your Message With a One Liner

Hey everyone, Brian Freeman here at BuildIt Media. Hey, today I wanted to talk to you about something that is so, so important for your business, and this is about getting clear, as to what solution you provide your ideal customer. 

So the first step is, we gotta get clear on who that customer is. So once we know who that customer is, and we know what kind of problems they have, we can craft a solution, to solve their problems. Every business exists because they’re solving a problem from somebody. So, the goal of this is to make it so simple and so clear as to what you do, and just make it a little short one liner, that we can put on our website, above the fold, and when these people go to our website, our ideal customers, they are totally- there’s just total clarity about what you do, they’re not gonna bounce off your website because they’re wondering what it is you can do for them. 

And so, once we create that one liner, we’re gonna also put underneath that, we’re gonna put the result of that one liner. So the first part of it, the heading is gonna consist of the solution to the problem, and then underneath is the result of once they’ve used your services, what that’s gonna end up being. So, actually underneath that we’ll put a very clear call to action as to what we would like them to do, our primary call to action. 

So, one example of this, let’s say you are a, custom home builder, or a luxury custom home builder, in Boise, Idaho. And, you got a customer searching online that wants a custom home, a luxury custom home built. So, that’s their problem, that they want a home built, and you can provide a solution for that problem and build that home. So, in our one liner for the heading, we are going to say, that we are a luxury custom home builder in Boise, Idaho. So, we can provide the solution to their problem, we’ve stated it, it’s simple and it’s clean, they know what that is. 

Now, we’re gonna put the result, underneath that one liner heading, and the result is what’s gonna happen once they use our company to provide that service of building that home. What can they expect to get from us? And so, when we write that result we gotta go back to the customers fears, and their concerns, maybe they’re worried about it costing too much, or taking too long, or the quality of the work is not going to be good. So, we’re gonna address that in the result below, so they know what they’re gonna get when they buy from us. So, in this sentence, we’re gonna say, quality luxury custom home, built on time, on budget, without the headaches. So now, they got a good picture of what it’s gonna be like to work with you, and they know exactly what you do, and they’ve seen this all on your website within seconds of hitting the site. It’s very clear as to what you do.

Now, we’re gonna establish a primary call to action, and for that custom home builder, that’s probably going to be request a project consultation. And we’re gonna put that call to action button right below that one liner header, and the result that we just talked about, and we are gonna- the goal would be to get that customer that’s coming there, to take that action, and contact you for that project consultation. So, if they don’t, if they’re not ready and they’re in that stage of the buy cycle, then what is very possible, is that they would scroll down your site, they would see some content, some videos, maybe some other information you have on that site that would build trust with them, so know, like, and trust, and then they would potentially see a lead magnet that we’ve built that’s on there, they would request that information in exchange for their email, and now we’re able to continue to communicate with them via email, and build even more trust with them, over the time that maybe they’re waiting, or trying to make a decision on who they’re going to use to build their home. 

So, that would be a one liner that is clear, it’s different for every business, depending on the client and what you do, but it’s gotta be simple, it’s gotta be very straightforward, that when someone gets to your site they don’t have to think about what you do. So, we help businesses do that, we help them get clear on what their message needs to be, what that one liner needs to be to their ideal client. So, if you’d like help with that we would love to help, we’d love to talk to you. Go ahead and request marketing consultation, and we will give you a call, and set up a time to talk further and see how we can help you. So, thanks again for your time today, it was great talking with you, and have a great rest of your day.

At Buildit Media we help local businesses “Secure a Position of Strength & Authority in Their Market”. We specialize in marketing for service based small businesses.



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Brian Freeman

Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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