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How to Build Systems & Processes with Playbooks

Building Systems and Processes Through Playbooks

Hey everybody. Today, we will discuss how you can use audio bytes and video screen shares to document your business’s systems and processes and then put them in playbooks. This can free up your time or help document processes.

One important lesson I learned the hard way was when we lost an employee who took their entire knowledge base with them. It left a significant hole in our company. To avoid this, you can document your processes.

How do you do that? It’s easier now than ever, and some great tools exist, like Slack and Asana. You can document any questions that come into your business by recording your answers and saving them. These can be stored in a Google document, on Google Drive, or in Dropbox and can be referenced by new or existing team members.

How It Works With Audio Messages

I record an audio message when someone asks me a question, especially about a sales process or technical issue.

For example, if someone asks about the process for getting a permit for a house we’re building, I’ll record the answer using Slack and send it to the relevant team member. They will save it to the playbook on Google Drive and hyperlink it to a Google document. This playbook, with a table of contents, is a reference for anyone who needs to know how to handle similar tasks.

How It Works With Video

If the question can be better answered with a video, I record a step-by-step guide and save it to the business playbook. This video documentation is invaluable for training new employees or updating current team members.

The videos are stored in Google Drive, with a table of contents in the playbook to make it easy to find what they need. This process saves hours and ensures consistency in how tasks are handled.

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Updating Playbooks

The person in charge of the playbook ensures it contains the most current processes for ongoing updates. If a video or document needs updating, it goes through an approval process in Google Drive to ensure accuracy. This documentation helps maintain continuity if someone leaves the company or changes positions, as all the knowledge is stored and accessible.

Involving department heads in creating these documents is crucial. They have the expertise and can produce accurate and detailed guides. This way, you leverage their knowledge and save time by not having to create everything yourself. Each department can have its playbook linked through Asana, with resources specific to their needs.

We use software like Asana to organize our resources by department, linking directly to the playbooks in Google Drive. This system allows for continuous improvement and easy access to the necessary information. Short recordings can be done on Slack, while longer ones are saved via Asana, Vimeo, or Zoom for more extensive documentation.

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