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How to Build Location Pages

Building Location Pages

Hey, Brian Freeman with BuildIt Media. Hey today I wanted to talk to you about how you can use very specific location pages that you build on your website and build in content around those that will just drive a ton of traffic to you if you’re like a local business, say like a realtor or a custom home builder. And you work in targeted cities or targeted neighborhoods that you’re wanting to build in or you’re wanting to sell people homes in.

What Are Your Customers Looking For?

So what you gotta do, the first thing is you need to find out what your customers are looking for. What’s that client looking for at the very very beginning of the buy cycle? So what do they need? You’re gonna look at, say, let’s say it’s a realtor and they’re looking for, the schools are a big deal. So they’re starting right at the very beginning. They’re going “What’s an area with good schools? “I wanna make sure we have good schools for my kids.” So you’re gonna build some video content around that school very specific to that city making sure you’re targeted, you’re using that city’s name in that video when you’re targeting that, talking about all the schools, it’s very specific to that area.

Build a Lead Magnet for Your Business

Now once you do that, you’re gonna actually build a lead magnet around that, so something you can give away on that location page. So it’s gonna be the best schools, why is this area the best school district that you can move to? And once you do that those people that are actually looking for that very specific thing about the school, before they’ve actually contacted a realtor, at the very beginning of the buy cycle, they’re gonna find you online, then they’re gonna hit that site, and because you have, or hit your web page, and then they’re gonna see that lead magnet, it’s very very targeted. And they’ll download that. Then once they download that, you’re able to start that nurture process as far as connecting with them and building know, like, and trust and continued content that you give them. So that is so so effective.

How to Build Location Page

You can actually take a template each page so you have a template and then maybe have 10 cities that you focus on or maybe three cities, whatever it may be. Duplicate that page, but take the video content that’s, make that specifically for that page, and then you transcribe that as well so the text is on the page so you get that, it helps with the SEO, and then break that up with different headers that allow you to get the H1, H2, H3, H4 tags so it’s properly done to optimize it.

Building Your Client Leads

 So I hope that helps. This is so so effective and take a number of different questions that they might have at the beginning of the buy cycle, not just one thing, and target a bunch of those frequently asked questions at the very front, and this will drive a ton of traffic to your site and allow you to just get a ton of leads in the pipeline. So hope that helps, have a nice rest of the day and we’ll talk again soon.

At Buildit Media we help local businesses “Secure a Position of Strength & Authority in Their Market”. We specialize in marketing for service based small businesses.



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Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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