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How Can You Get the Job You Want in Any Area?

Get the Job You Want

Hey, everyone. Today, I wanted to share with you something that will help you get the job you want, and it has to do with becoming a mini-celebrity in the niche of what you do. 

You can do this if you’re a custom home builder, remodeler, or ADU builder. We’ve done it through video marketing, and that’s how we know how to do it. It’s about creating the right content and then distributing it to the audience you want to see. You can do this as simple as one video content creation a week.

If it’s custom homes and you want to teach about the custom home building process, you want to share everything from the design through the actual house completion. Then you start creating content and shooting a video to teach people. 

Get Positive Testimonials

A good result is getting testimonials from the people you’re building the video for. It’s great to see how they’re happy to solve their problems on time and budget. Eventually, you take that testimonial, find out where they’re from, and say your office is in the middle of town. 

You want a 20-mile radius around that office or specify a town you want to work in, get on and get your content out there. Put it up, post that thing on Facebook, and start boosting that post to that area that you want to become well-known in, and consistently do it. 

Consistency Is Key

Consistency is so important — do it every week that you’re putting that content out. You can even take it a step further. You can chop your content into snippets and push that out — it puts you at the top of the mind of anybody. For instance, you will be the first they think of when they need a home builder or remodeler.

Top-of-Mind Awareness

This top-of-mind awareness is expected in the real estate industry but is less common in construction. So, how many real estate agents do you know are in your mind? It’s like real estate agents are always competing for top-of-mind awareness.

If you are the top-of-mind builder or top-of-mind remodeler that people think about, you’re not only going to get the people that happen to think about you and happen to have work. You can talk to them, or the referrals come and say, “Oh yeah, I know this guy. He’s everywhere. I see him everywhere. He’s online, on YouTube, on Facebook — everywhere. He is building stuff, and people are happy.”

Happy Clients Get Good Results

They’re getting good results, and you’re just going to become this mini celebrity, and people will be coming to you, and you’ll have an abundance of leads. And you don’t need to go to a big area; keep it small and close to where you want to work. 

Still, you can go to a high-end neighborhood if you want to and focus on that area. Even create content about that specific area. It gets even more substantial because the SEO starts taking effect and pulling people in organically to you that way as well.

Content Matters

Content is the key. Start creating content, answer people’s questions, and teach and educate them. That’s how you start getting good content that people will see and set yourself apart from everybody else.

Wrapping Up

Please contact us if you need help with a website or are wondering how we can help you with a marketing plan. You can visit our website to request a consultation — we will get back out to you. 

Have a fantastic rest of your day.



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Brian Freeman

Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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