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Get High-Quality Leads by Talking About Your Service Rates


Want to Get High-Quality Leads?

Hey everyone. I want to talk to you about why you should speak to your customers about the pricing of your product or service to get high-quality leads. Many people are concerned about it, saying, “Oh, my competitors will know what I’m charging, and then they will undercut me. Then they’re going to get the business.” But the actual reality is that it’s the opposite of what happens.

We did this with our custom home and remodeling business, and we started talking about pricing and what it costs. When we built the price of an ADU building cost guide, we discussed the exact prices of projects and reviewed the precise pricing model of how we do it. Specifically, we shared the design cost, permits and fees, actual building costs, site costs, and floor plans. 

Talk About Your Service Pricing

As a competitor, you could look at what we’re doing and say, “Hey, all we have to do is charge 5% less, and we’ll get the work.” If that were true, that could mean we did lose some work that way. But I’ll tell you what it did: it created many business leads for us.

So people at the beginning of that process of searching for big-ticket items like building a housing look for the design of projects. They start looking at pricing to see if they can build something. So if you’re selling big-ticket items or something that requires a big decision for people, like buying vacation homes or selling their houses, you want to talk about how these purchases impact them from price and financial standpoints. 

How We Got Quality Leads

When we started talking about price, I can’t tell you the number of quality leads coming in. I’ve never had anybody we’ve worked with even question us about pricing. They already know what it’s going to cost when they call us.

Information Matters for Clients

That’s the second thing about it. You can educate a potential client before they even contact you online since you’ve already given the information they need. 

Once these people reach out, they’re already qualified leads because they know your service rates. You’re not out there talking to them and then having to reeducate them on pricing, taking more of your time. Now, you only need to know if it’s a custom home, what its design and size should be, and if your quote meets their budget.

Try Video Marketing

I recommend doing much of this on video so people can see your face. This way, they’ll feel they know you when they contact you. It also makes it easy for the sales process because it’s much more personable for them to see you talking about these things. 

If you’re in a big-ticket sales business, I would discuss their costs and build your video content around them. Then create online lead magnets and other educational resources as either video series or PDFs. A combination of videos and PDFs is better because you can do a stack effect. You can say, “Hey, when you get this book I wrote about pricing, I will also give you a whole video series tied to it that’s either 60 or 90 minutes long.”

Lead Conversion Ratio

The conversion ratio of the people who hit your landing page with a video series and a PDF to give away is way higher than if you only have a PDF guide. As I said, you’re building the stack effect where you’re giving them all these things — all they have to do is give you their email address or name. That throws them into your marketing machine, and you can start marketing to them every week. 

Content Creation

When you create content, you can email them every week and not seem like a sleazy salesperson contacting them. You have a reason to contact them because you’re educating them weekly. That is where the power comes in because they trust you and know you’re the authority and you know what you’re talking about.

Discuss Pricing Early 

If you got a different experience, let me know. But that has been my experience, and it has created an abundance of leads and opportunities by ensuring that our customers know our service pricing and what they’re signing up for before they contact us. 

Need Help?

High-quality leads have helped our business a lot. If you need help getting leads or doing digital marketing, request a consultation with us. 

Have a great rest of your day.



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