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Designing the Header for Your Website

The #1 Most Important Aspect When You Build a Website

Today we’re going to cover the number one most important thing when you’re building a new website. If you have an existing website, this will be what you need to change to:

  • Get clear about what you have to offer.
  • Get more leads.
  • Get more sales from your website.

Step 1: Figure Out Your Target Audience

We’re going to talk about the header portion of your website but I want to go back to the start where you start to actually get clear on what service or product you provide. This will let you know how to structure the header of your website. So the first thing is you have to figure out who your target customer is. Who are we going after? Who’s our ideal customer? Once we know that, then we can figure out what solution we can offer them.

Step 2: How to Solve the Problem of the Client or Customer

So, what problem do we solve? Once we know that we then have to look into the eyes of the customer and ask, “what result are they looking for?”. They want the result. When you go to the store and you buy a drill, you’re not buying that drill because you want a drill. You’re buying the drill because you want a hole. So the result is the hole. The result is what they want. But the solution is the drill. So what is the drill? What is your solution? What do you offer them that solves their problem? Then you go down and you get the results. So what are the results? What are they looking for? We have to give them a primary call to action. That’s going to be the next step in our sales process to get them to the next step.

Step 3: Give a Primary Call to Action

We have our solution, the problem we solve, then we have the results underneath that, and then we’re going to give them a primary call to action. A primary call to action can be anything for your business but it has to be clear and dead center on the header portion of your website. Some examples of a primary call to action would be:

Why It’s Import You Have a Clear Call to Action

The reason this is so important is when someone comes to your website, a visitor, you have three seconds before they go, “Ah, I can’t tell what they do. I don’t know what problem they solve.” It’s not going to work for me. You may solve their problem perfectly, but you’ve put something on there that’s really unclear. It doesn’t tell them that you build custom homes. It says, “Live in the home of your dreams.” It may sound cute, but it’s not clear. Clear is what you need to be.

How a Clear Call to Action Works | Sales Funnel

Keep the words simple so when someone hits your website it’s very clear on what service or product you provide within those first three seconds. So they see:

  • Problem you solve.
  • Results the potential customer or customer can expect.
  • Call to Action

So they see all of that and go, “Oh, I need to take that next step. I’m going to request a consultation.” Or it could be, I’m going to go to that next step and:

  • Download a Lead Magnet
  • Call Now
  • Book Now

It’ll take them to the next phase of the funnel that’ll allow them to get into your pipe, potentially download a lead magnet, capture an email address or call you so you can make contact with them and go to the next step.

Get Clear on the Result | Sales Funnel

It’s super important to get clear on the customer and the problem you solve. Get clear on the result the customer is wanting to have after they do business with you and show them what the next step is in the process with your call to action button. Put that in the center of your header, above the fold, and that will increase the:

  • Conversions
  • Leads
  • Sales

You get from your website.

BuildIt Media Website Example | How to Design Your Header

I wanted to show you an example on our website, buildit.media of a:

  • Solution
  • Problem We Solve
  • Result
  • Primary CTA (Call to Action)

That we use for our customers on our website.

Solution & Problem We Solve: “We Build Websites and Marketing Plans for Small Businesses”. This is our primary solution. This is the problem we solve for small businesses.

Result: “Stand Out, Convert More Leads and Get More Business!”, this is what someone is going to achieve when they use our services, the result.

Call to Action:  “Request a Marketing Consultation”, is the next step in our process and is called a primary call to action. This is where we’re going to meet with our clients and review their website, current plans that they have in process and what we can do to help them move forward.

How to Format Your Website Header

Another thing that is really important on the header of your website is you want a picture that relates to what you provide as the background, you do not want a carousel or multiple images that are moving back and forth. You want an image or a video of B-Roll playing in the background also works well. It just needs to be relevant to the industry you’re in and the problem you solve, so make sure you stay on brand with what you choose to put in the header of your website and keep it simple. In the center of your header above the fold, the fold being the bottom of the screen when you’re on a page before scrolling down, is your:

  • Solution
  • Problem We Solve
  • Result
  • Primary CTA (Call to Action)

Construction Company Website Example | How to Design Your Header

I want to also show you our website for our custom home building business, Freeman’s Construction Inc. We have a video in the background of a custom home, it’s clean and simple. It’s all above the fold. You’re going to see:

Problem Solution: “We Build Custom Homes, ADU’s, Whole House Remodels”.

Result: “Get a top notch quality home on time, on budget, and without the hassles”.

You could also do something for the result such as, “Enjoy a beautiful home that your family will love for a lifetime.” Or something along those lines. If the result was different, you can change it there.

Call to Action (CTA): “Request a Private Consultation”, is our CTA then take them through step-by-step on what that process is to get started.

So this is an example, again, of what you need to do to get the problem, result and a CTA set up in a header on your website to be effective and convert more leads.

Get Your 10 Step Website Framework Today!

I hope this was helpful information. If you’d like more information on our 10 step framework on how to build a website for a small business, you can download below. You can also request a consultation if you’re interested in building a website or you’re needing help getting a marketing plan put together. Thank you for your time today, and have an excellent rest of your day.



Do you want to build a website that will make your company stand out from the competition, create a massive flow of leads and earn you more profits? This 10 Step Framework will help you do just that. Included:

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Brian Freeman

Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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