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Creating a Video for a Lead Magnet Landing Page

How to Increase Landing Page Conversions

All right, so, today we’re going to cover how to dramatically increase the conversions on the landing page for your lead magnet that you have on your website. So the backup of a lead magnet is going to be something of value that you have put together for your client or for your customer that they’re able to download off your website. This could be:

  • A video series describing your product or service step by step.
  • A checklist of some sort that would be of value to your customer.
  • A pricing guide if you’re a custom home builder or home remodeler.

So you’re actually going through and talking about all the different ways in different portions of a project and how you price them and what things are costing.

What is the Goal of a Lead Magnet?

The goal of a lead magnet really is… everybody’s in a different stage of the buy cycle when they come in and they see you for the first time. Most of them aren’t gonna buy right away. So the goal of that lead magnet is to catch that person on the front end of their buy cycle and answer questions that they would be asking at the initial stage of the buying cycle. You will attract them to your website through that information. They will download that information in exchange for an email address which will then help you build your email list. You’ll be able to then continually market to them until they’re ready to buy. You’re in that process between the initial contact they made with you downloading your lead magnet and the time they buy. You’re able to nurture them and they will know who to trust through video.

Creating a Video for Your Landing Page 

Now what we’re gonna talk about today is related to video. So one thing that you can do on your site and I’m gonna share my screen here with you right now so you actually see some real world examples of this. You will want to:

  • Create a video about your lead magnet
  • Embed the video on the landing page of your website

So this is an example we’re looking at is one of the lead magnets that we’ve created for our construction company. This is downloaded multiple times per day. We have somewhere between five to 10 to 14 downloads right now of the different lead magnets that we have every single day with people that are being added to our email lists. That adds up and really starts to build especially for a local business that’s selling large ticket items.

Building Your Lead Magnet Landing Page 

We’re able to really capture a lot of people and put them in the marketing funnel. So what we’d like to do is:

  1. Take a picture of your guide, whatever it may be. Put that example right here.
  2. You’re then going to have the text copy that you’re going to write here. You want this to be compelling for somebody but give them the information short, sweet to the point of what they will get inside your guide.
  3. Then you’re going to come over here and put a title on this video. It will be what the lead magnet is. So our example is the ADU Building Cost Guide.
  4. And then you will tell them to watch the video. People will do what you ask them to do most of the time. So tell them what to do.
  5. The next step is to actually put  the video on there. Get a good thumbnail, have it edited, and put it on there. Add a picture of what they’re going to get whether it’s a guide, checklist or video series. However you want to present that on the thumbnail.
  6. After the video is a very simple contact form. Don’t ask for too much information. First name, last name, email, get that, and get them into your marketing funnel. You can ask for more information as you go down the line.

Then, once this is downloaded, it will take you to a success page. On that success page we’ll give them access to the PDF of the guide and we’ll also then give them the videos as well, if they’re on there. So you will go through that in the next step.

How Video Can Help Your Conversions

But for right now the biggest thing you wanna do on your landing page is:

  • A good picture of what the cover is
  • Short copy
  • The video with a title is key
  • Tell them to watch the video

This converts like crazy. So we originally this year had a title for this, it said ADU (Accessory Dwelling Building Unit) Building Cost Guide right here. The picture was not here. The picture was over here and then there was no video and no text over here, it just said download now. We added this, we cut these videos and added everything the way it is now and the conversions went through the roof. So tons and tons of more conversions just really, really took off. We have so many leads that are coming in that we are trying to push them away and just cherry pick the people that we really, really want to work with.

How Does Video Help with Conversions?

What we’re finding is people are finding this video on YouTube, and then they are coming to the website and downloading from there. It works really, really well. So that is something that’s vital. Make sure once the video is uploaded in the description describe exactly what is in the video and what they can expect to get. Also, add a link back to the landing page so they can download and mentioned to them that they are not going to get spammed. That nothing weird is going to happen as soon as they download and give you their information.

What We Will Cover Next for Landing Pages

So hope that helps. As far as understanding, creating and adding video to your landing page or lead magnets is huge and we will cover the success page and the next steps in our next video. Have a great day.



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