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Building a Lead Magnet & Video Series Around Pricing

Custom Home Builders & Remodelers

Hey, Brian Freeman here with BuildIt Media. Today we’re gonna talk to a local business segment, the custom home builders and home remodeling contractors, something I’m very familiar with, being that I’ve been in the construction business for 20 years, so building custom homes and doing whole house remodels.

Build a Lead Magnet for Your Website 

So, one thing that is so important for you to do, and this is when you’re getting a website done, you gotta get a lead magnet on your site. You gotta get something you can give away to the customer. Because the buy cycle is so long with the remodeling projects, especially the larger ones that we’re accustomed to with whole house remodels and custom homes, you sometimes don’t talk those people that are entering into the first parts of that buying cycle six months, a year, even two years prior to actually starting the project so, having the trust with that client and the know and the like is so important and you can build that over time and it really helps in the actual sales process when you finally go to get that building agreement with them.

Answer, "What Does it Cost to do This Project?" 

So, what we like to do is if we can build a lead magnet around pricing and talk about pricing, that’s typically the first thing these people in their minds are going, “what does it cost to do this project?” When they start searching online they’re gonna be going after that first and if we can answer those questions, they’re gonna find us online. When they find us online, that lead magnet is available for them. It gives them value, they exchange their contact information for that. And then they enter into our funnel and we continue to market to them through that long buy cycle until they’re actually ready to make a decision and move forward.

Building Your Lead Magnet to Cover Pricing 

So, the lead magnet on pricing, you want to build this around, so you’re a custom home builder, you want to address permits and fees, site costs, selecting the land, the actual average price per square foot. You want to give examples of actual projects linked back to your website of the pictures of that project you finished with actual real prices of what it costs to build. You wanna address how you actually come up with the pricing for that. You also wanna go and talk about next steps on how you move forward after the actual original design process is done.

Creating Your Video Series 

So, once you have built out this cost guide, which is essentially an ebook, then you’ll segment that out into different segments, and one them, you’ll do a video around each one of these segments. So, say it’s seven videos or seven segments, you have seven videos. So, the first one’s on site costs, selecting land is your second one, you’ve got permits and fees, you’ve got plans and design, and you go through all these and you do a video on them. And then on your site, the landing page, you’re giving away not only this ebook, you’re giving away the actual cost to build these homes. You can even show them floor plans. You’re linking back to the website that has all the pictures, and you’re giving them probably over an hour of your time, going into more detail on each segment of that process. They see your face and they become so familiar with you. So it’s an excellent way to become very— just liked and trusted by that customer before they even call you.

Create an Email Series for Your Lead Magnet

And once they enter in and begin with that lead magnet, you create that email series based off the video. So, once they download the lead magnet, so the first email that goes to them is gonna have the ebook in it. It’s gonna have all the information we talked about, the plans and design, the permits and fees, selecting land, actual build costs. It’s gonna have links back to the website to see the pictures of the projects, actual prices, it’s gonna have all that in it. They’re getting it in the first email. Additionally, in that first email is your first video where you’ve segmented out and talked about each segment of that ebook that you wrote for the cost guide. And that’s gonna happen on day one. Day two, it’s gonna happen again. They’re gonna get the second video and day three and day four and day five. It may go seven days where they get seven videos of you actually talking to them and they’re getting to know, like and trust you right then and there.

Lead Nurture Campaign 

It’s just huge as far as what it does for the sales process. It pre-qualifies them, they like your company, it takes just so many questions away during the sales process, and you just don’t have to sell them on the fact that they like you or they trust you when they show up. And once that’s done, they actually go into your nurture campaign. So that seven-day series hits them. It goes out, it does what it needs to do. Then after that, your team’s creating content out in the field, you’re creating content in the office, you’re making these videos around just questions that they have and showing the product that you’re actually building out in the field. And every week they see you. So, if this is a six month process, a year process, or two year process, during that whole time, you’re top of mind. You’re the guy that’s solving their problems, answering their questions, and you’re gonna be the guy that they come to when they’re actually ready to make the purchase and actually do the build.

How a Lead Magnet Can Help Your Business 

So, it is an absolutely unreal, effective way to create that know, like and trust, to capture emails, put them into your funnel, and then continue to market to them until they’re ready to actually buy. So, I highly recommend it. If you’re a custom home builder, home remodeling contractor, if you’re any type of local business that has a service that you offer for your customers, you can do this, you can apply it, and it’s so, so effective. So, I hope that works. I hope it helps. If you have questions, if you want to ramp up your construction company, you wanna get your remodeling business moving, you want to capture more leads, and you wanna know how to do this, we help companies just like you implement this into your daily routine and make this part of your business. So feel free to reach out if you have questions, I’ll be happy to help you. So, all right. Thanks again, and have an excellent rest of your day.



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