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Add Website Tracking Links to Your Google Business Profile


How to Add Website Tracking Links to a Google Business Profile

Today, I will show you how to add website tracking links to your Google Business profile. This is ideal if you’re wondering…

  • How many people are finding you on Google and clicking on the link to your website?
  • How many people are going to the website and finding your business?

We’ll also examine how you add that to your booking link, which you should also put on your Google Business Profile.

Campaign URL Builder

I am looking at the Google Business Profile for Freeman’s Construction Inc., a custom home builder in Ramona, California. This is how it looks on the front end of somebody searching for a business. When this pops up, they’ll see this profile here with a booking link.

If I hover over this, you will see several website tracking links. The first one goes to the website — you can see this: https://freemansconstruction.com/?utm_source=GMB&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Ramona. Another one goes to our Request a Consultation page.

We built this link inside a campaign URL builder for Google, allowing us to have a particular URL that is easy to find in Google Analytics. You must put the website link in the description.

Create Website Tracking Links

If it’s the booking link, it would have the forward slash “request a project consultation” or “get a quote”. It must be whatever you were calling that page that would live right here. This one is just for our homepage, so that’s freemansconstruction.com.

You would then have a campaign idea that ends at the end of the URL. If this is our first time doing this, we would put in “Campaign 1” just for simplicity.

Campaign source — This is going to be, “Where is this traffic coming from?” We’re explicitly coming from our Google business page, so that’s “GBP”. This could be from any other source, such as the Google newsletter, just like they’re suggesting here.

Then, you’ll pick your campaign medium. We’re not running a campaign to this, so these are people finding this organically. If we were firing emails out and we were gonna track an email, we would do it off of email.

The next one is the campaign name. This is what we want to do when we’re doing a Google Business profile — we want to identify it by location. That’s especially true if you have more than one location; that’s why this one’s in Ramona. I recommend putting your city in that spot.

Now, you have a couple of other options for campaign terms. These are to identify the paid keywords. We don’t have any paid keywords on this. And you can also use campaign content if you want something else to throw in here.

Adding Web Tracking Links on Google Business Profile

After building your trackable website URLs, return to your Google Business Profile. You’d go to Edit Profile and then paste the tracking link for your homepage. Now, I can see this in Google Analytics. The same goes for other pages you want to track.

Wherever you want people to contact you, you’ll go to that page, grab that link, and then build another tracking URL.

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Shorten Website Tracking Link Using Bitly

Now, if you want to use a shortened URL, there’s one other thing you can do. You can jump back in here and connect to Bitly. If you have a Bitly account, hit “shorten the link” to get a short link that you can paste into GBP.

Need Digital Marketing Help?

I hope that was helpful. Make sure you do this on any location you have for your business so you can track exactly where your traffic’s coming from through your Google My Business account.

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