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8 Tips on How to Create Evergreen Video Content for Your Business

8 Tips on How to Create Evergreen Video Content for Your Business

Hi everyone. Today, I am going to discuss something that’s really important for creating evergreen video content. This can be helpful for creating a course, promoting your company, building out sales funnels to sell a product, or any number of things. You want to make sure this content lasts as long as possible so you do not have to re-shoot these videos. I’m going to offer some tips on how to do that and share some warnings of what not to say. This will enable your videos to keep going and making you money as long as you possibly can.

1. Avoid Mentioning Dates

Avoid mentioning any dates. Let’s say you’re launching a course and you filmed it evergreen so that a customer can opt in at any time during the year. You don’t want to mention any dates that infer to the conclusion of the course. If you state that the course ends on February 10th, it won’t resonate with anybody that’s beginning the funnel in June. So make sure to avoid any dates.

2. Avoid Mentioning Holidays or Events

Avoid holidays or events. Holidays occur at established times of year, and so are regularly occurring events. Take caution and stay away from seasons as well. Seasons could be something that occurred during your original launch, such as in winter, but when someone enters your funnel in summer, the seasonal language in your video will not resonate.

3. Avoid Current Events and News

The same thing goes for current events and the news. Perhaps you intentionally film a video to give a price update or other pertinent industry change during a particular time frame. That’s fine. Oftentimes people look at that because they’re specifically interested at that particular time, but eventually that film usage dies off. That type of recording is not evergreen since the event is no longer current once a year or two passes. So try to stay away from mentioning current events in the news.

4. Avoid Talking About Any Type of Equipment

Another topic to avoid is any type of equipment that will look dated in two years. A laptop, for example, might maintain its relevance in six months, you’re okay if you’re using a laptop or something like that. It might be the newest equipment, but in two years, it will look old.

5. Illustrate What You’re Talking About

Try to use something that will not become obsolete. If you need to draw on something, use a whiteboard or flipboard paper. Another option to illustrate something would be to use a screen share. This eliminates the use of an upcoming obsolete computer.

6. Evergreen Statement

If you’re discussing how long you’ve been doing something, avoid describing the length of time. You may have 20 years of expertise, but instead, explain that you’ve been doing something since a particular year. For example, “I’ve been doing this since the year 2000 or 2010” is an evergreen statement as opposed to, “I’ve been doing this for 20 years.” Don’t mention a cumulative total of years because it will change next year. Keep that in mind.

7. Evergreen Film Location

Aim to shoot your video in an environment that doesn’t show the season. Shooting a video in the middle of winter might equate to snow outside, or leaves missing from the trees. If you’re trying to launch something in the springtime, the film might not look exactly right. This can seem odd to someone who begins your course during the spring. So if possible, try to avoid the seasons by shooting inside or in an environment that does not indicate the different seasons.

8. Wardrobe for Your Everygreen Content

The last thing I want to touch on is your wardrobe. If you’re shooting your videos, make sure you’re rotating through your clothes. If you only film upper body shots, make sure that you swap through your shirts. If you wear the same shirt on 10 course episodes and you have to switch out one or two of those episodes a year down the line, your curriculum will look funny if you no longer have that same shirt. One shirt change out of multiple videos will look strange, so remember to change the shirt every time you shoot a video, doing so mixes up that scenery and avoids a customer from subconsciously recognizing that that part of the course is not part of the original course.

Marketing Resources for Your Local Business

I hope these short tips will help you make your video content evergreen. If you’d like more information about how we can help you through marketing for your business, take a look around our website.



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