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7 Tips on Using YouTube Video Series to Grow Your Business


How to Grow Your Business with a YouTube Video Series

Hey everybody. We will discuss the seven tips on using a YouTube video series to grow your business. It is powerful; it builds a massive email list. We will also give you a bonus here at the end, so you can make this happen for your company.

Step 1. Do Your Research

So, step one is researching to determine the main questions your customers are asking about your product or service.

There’s an excellent book called “They Ask, You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan that you may want to try for starters. I read it five years ago. It talks about using your customer’s questions during the sales process to formulate video content. So, whatever your customers ask, you write them down and start answering them with a video.

You can look at social media, check your phone calls, and write down people’s questions. Anything you’re getting on email, write them all down. These are all topics that can be answered with a video.

We want to look at keyword research and determine what people are searching for related to our product or service. We will compile all these together, leading us to tip number two, which is…

Step 2. Decide on Video Topics

Decide on the video topics you will cover and put them in chronological order. Take those different questions and lump a few of them together. You’ll use that to create YouTube video content around those questions.

Then, you can say, “This will be video one. This is going to be video two. This will be video 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.”

Step 3. Shoot the Video

Once you start shooting the video, ensure you hit the bullet points and answer the clients’ questions. At the end of the video, you can promote the next one in the series until you’ve promoted all of them.

Step 4. Create YouTube Playlist

Create the playlist out of your YouTube video series.

For instance, we’ve done “How to Buy Land” and “Custom Home Building Cost” guides on our website for our custom home building company. The videos in those series get promoted in playlists on our YouTube channel’s homepage. That way, people can click on that and watch through that playlist.

Step 5. Create a Long-Form Video

Create a long-form video out of all this content. It means taking all the videos and then tying them together. Put the transition in between, and you’ll have a long-form video.

For example, if each video is five or seven minutes long, they can become 45 minutes long if combined. Often, long-form content performs very well, especially for people who want to buy. Interested people will watch the video because it answers many of their questions. And when they contact you even after that, that’s even better.

Step 6. Create a Lead Magnet

Create a lead magnet PDF guide broken up by each video’s content.

Let’s take our “How to Buy Land” guide as an example again since it’s a PDF. We’ve got, say, seven videos created for this series. So, we will have seven sections inside this guide, broken up precisely by the title of those videos. More importantly, the guide goes on your website.

When that happens, you must create a landing page and promote the lead magnet via social media. That’s one way to drive traffic to your new landing page.

Remember: On that page, it should not only be the PDF guide on that landing page. You should also include your 45-minute video that answers people’s questions so you can promote your YouTube video series.

Combining those two makes your offer much more powerful. You can also create a video that explains what’s in that guide so people can get a sneak peek of your content and add it to the landing page.

Step 7. Create an Automated Email Campaign

Once people opt-in on your lead magnet, you will create an automated email campaign to fire out automated emails.

In our campaign, we send the PDF guide in the first email and the first video. After that, a follow-up automated email goes out daily with the video series for seven days.

Our goal here is to have subscribers open these emails each day. And by breaking up the content into seven videos, it helps them to get educated daily. Not to mention, it keeps you on top of their mind for over a week.


Now, let’s talk about the bonus. So, people often want to refrain from submitting any information online for new leads that call into your office. But by having a PDF guide and the YouTube video series as assets, you can ask them, “Hey, would you like more information about our “How to Buy Land” guide? I have a comprehensive guide and over an hour of video explaining everything about it.” Many of them will go, “Absolutely.”

You can then get their email address and put it in your database before sending the guide you promised to your clients. Then, they’re going into your marketing funnel. And even though those people may not be ready to convert immediately, they will later on down the road. Even if they don’t do it, you’ll be top of mind and get referrals from them.

Need Help Growing Your Business?

I hope you received some value from the information that we discussed. Feel free to contact us if you need help building a digital marketing strategy, implementing a marketing plan, or building a website for your business. Request a consultation and somebody from our team will reach right back out to you.

Have a fantastic rest of your day.



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