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6 Ways to Repurpose Video Content for Local Businesses


Repurpose Video Content

Today, we’ll discuss six ways to repurpose video content for local businesses. Our mission is to assist small businesses with marketing strategies that enhance authority and drive growth. I’m Brian Freeman, your guide for today’s insights.

1. Embedding Videos on Blogs

Our first focus will be on embedding videos. If you’re already creating video content, consider integrating them into a blog post. By doing so, you utilize the YouTube embed code.


Following this, use services like rev.com to transcribe your video. Once transcribed, optimize the text for SEO by targeting specific keyword phrases and improving readability. This strategy enriches your blog content and improves your visibility in Google searches.


Tailoring your videos to local inquiries about your business or services is crucial, enhancing localized search results.

2. Segmenting Videos for Enhanced Reach

Next, let’s consider longer video content. You can segment these into shorter clips, ready to be uploaded onto platforms like YouTube. With fresh titles and thumbnails, each clip offers unique engagement opportunities.


Think of it like creating chapters from a longer story. By fragmenting a 30-minute video, you could generate multiple engaging clips.

3. Crafting Lead Magnets: From Videos to PDF Guides

One practical approach is to convert video series into written PDF guides. Take, for instance, a video series themed around “Custom Home and Cost Guide.”


Such videos can be mapped into detailed bullet points, serving as a written content foundation. This dual-format offering — a video series coupled with a comprehensive PDF guide — can be a powerful lead magnet on your website.

4. Leveraging Videos for Facebook Ads

Consider using these video-embedded blogs as landing pages for Facebook ads. This strategy bolsters brand awareness and enhances your organic search rankings. As engagement grows, Google notices, potentially boosting your content’s visibility.

5. Video Adaptation for Social Media

Diversifying how you share your content is key. Adapt and resize your videos for various social platforms. Different networks have distinct requirements for video content. One video can be reformatted with minor tweaks to suit multiple channels, maximizing its reach.

6. Transitioning from Videos to Podcasts

A significant portion of your audience might prefer podcasts over videos. By extracting audio from your videos, you cater to this demographic. Moreover, podcast listeners often represent a lucrative market segment, further broadening your content’s impact.

Bonus: Tools for Effective Repurposing

For those looking for tool recommendations, consider repurpose.io. This platform is tailor-made for repurposing content, especially videos. Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere Pro offer advanced audio and video editing capabilities for those diving deep into content creation.

Closing Thoughts

By repurposing content, you work smarter, amplifying your content’s reach without multiplying efforts.

For anyone seeking guidance on marketing strategies or web development, request a consultation with us. We’re here to support your growth journey.



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Brian Freeman

Brian is the president of BuildIt Media. His passion is helping local businesses get clarity in their message allowing them to build authority and dominate their competition.

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