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4 Tips on How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile


Hey everyone. Today we are sharing four tips on optimizing your Google Business Profile to help your business get found and receive more leads. This is easy to do and inexpensive, but it’s vital if you’re a local business.

Tip #1: Find Google's Campaign URL Builder

After you’ve created your Google Business Profile, you want to find Google’s Campaign URL Builder. Ensure that your website link on your Google Business profile — or your appointment booking link if you have the booking widget — has a campaign URL.

So, when you go into Google Analytics, you can see the engagement coming from your Google Business Profile. That’s super important.

Tip #2: Ensure Your Online and Physical Addresses Match

Let’s say we have our business in a particular city, and all we have marked on our profile is that we service this area, but we don’t have an address associated with our business. In that case, getting an address is essential to increase your exposure by 4 or 5 times when you pull up in a local search. It could at least double what you’re pulling up and getting business.


If you need an address in an area you want to work in, some companies offer mailboxes or even a tiny desk area inside their buildings. You can subscribe to this and pay them a monthly fee to get an address. This way, you can get your verification with Google there.

Sometimes, Google even requests that you show them a video of your business being set up in this location so people aren’t just putting random addresses in to rank in specific locations. So, if your business is outside an area where you’re working or in an area that’s not desirable for your services, secure an address in another location. We’ve done this, and it’s helped.

Tip #3: Add All Products/Services

Add all your products and services to your Google Business profile to ensure that everything you offer is visible. But before doing that, go ahead and do some keyword research and see what people are searching for.


Are they searching for the exact term for your product or service? Or Are there a couple of variations of that product or service that people are searching for? Make sure you use the variation people are searching for the most — that’ll help you to get found easier.

Tip #4: Ask for Keyword-Rich Reviews from Customers

Lastly, ensure you are requesting online reviews from customers that are keyword-rich. It means their written feedback should include your product or service and location. That will help you to pull up when people are searching.


We talked about this in our podcast a couple of weeks ago. Just be sure the keywords you want to be found for are in the Google reviews. If you have some customers that you can contact again and would be OK going back and updating the reviews, that’s better.


You can say, “Hey, you bought this service from me. You bought this product from me. Can you please put that in there?” If they can edit their review and add relevant keywords, that will also help you appear in searches.

Need Help Building Your Online Presence?

Those are our four tips on how to optimize Your Google My Business profile. If you need help building a digital marketing strategy or a website for your business, feel free to contact us. You can request a consultation, and somebody from our team will reach out to you.


Have a fantastic rest of your day.



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